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Dear Friends,

I delivered a Tedx talk in New York City last month: “The Newest Workforce Disruptors are Over 50!”

My talk is about the growing influence of people 50 and older, who are either rejoining the workforce, starting new businesses or reinventing their careers.  There are so many of us out there!  In fact, a quarter of new businesses were started by people over 50 last year.

Our growing presence in the workplace is having a positive impact on professionalsof all ages.

  • Younger professionals benefit from the jobs we are creating and the mentoring we offer.
  • Inter-generational companies are the way of the future, leading to dynamic workplaces, fueled by multiple perspectives.
  • The smartest brands and advertisers are figuring out that the 50+ demographic has way too much wealth and influence to be ignored.

These are just some of the ideas I share in my talk and I hope you will watch it, share it and comment on it regardless of which demographic you belong to.

My goal is to foster a better understanding of this rising segment of our population and the many ways it positively influences the workplace, the economy and younger professionals.

Thanks very much!
Donna Korren


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