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I’ve been thinking about you and hoping you’re well and safe.

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered what I call a “Global PTSD Pandemic.”

I write today to share a scientifically-backed, but little known PTSD

There’s a great deal of NIH published research proving that stress
depletes magnesium levels.

This same research proves that low magnesium triggers HPA-Axis
dysfunction, which is THE cause of PTSD.

Research also proves that magnesium supplementation reverses PTSD!

Since oral magnesium isn’t well absorbed, trans-dermal magnesium
immediately enters the bloodstream and begins reversing PTSD.

In the past year, I’ve been using this special form of magnesium in my
Energetic System Upgrade workshops, and the healings have been amazing.
The magnesium instantly activates the electrical circuits in the brain,
heart and organs, and primes participants to allow me to uncover and
assist them in uprooting whatever physical, emotional or spiritual
imbalance, wound, trauma or unfinished business they’re carrying.

On May 9th, I’m offering the first Energetic System Upgrade workshop
ONLINE at 1440 Multiversity. Participants will be applying the
Trans-Dermal Magnesium at home, as a first-step in their healing.

I’m offering to buy and ship the magnesium as a free gift (I don’t sell
it) to the first 25 people who register by May 4th.

The tuition is very reasonable. And, for those who can’t afford the
tuition, 1440 is accepting scholarship applications on a first come,
first served basis.

If you know anyone who is suffering acute or chronic stress that has
worsened under the current pandemic, I would like to help him/her.

This is the link to the 1440 registration page:

Thanks for posting and widely sharing this healing opportunity.

Sending you my fondest regards, and wishes for health and happiness.


If you’re interested in the science behind magnesium and PTSD, I offer a
great many studies in my “Winning the War on PTSD” column in

If you’d like to find out more about the Energetic System Upgrade:



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