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Dear YOU, (yes YOU.)

My FIRST SINGLE is finally here!“Beat of My Drum” is the first single off of my EP and You can listen HERE – it’s available on ALL PLATFORMS!:
I came from the island of Crete to NYC at a young age, the biggest city I could go, with the dream to make music that I felt proud of and to expand as an artist.

It took me many years to find my voice, my direction… and most of all my music. I experienced a lot of rejections, bad & “I quit!” days… but took the right team, time and effort to get this idea to existence!!! My love for music won, my love of connecting with people and maybe realizing music is needed for others! It’s not about me. It’s about me believing in my self enough to know I can give YOU the music that you need.

Your support and love is the only thing that will take this record to the people who don’t know me yet. It is my firm belief, when every single one of you shares, listens to, buys, talks about and just spreads the word about my song “Beat of my Drum”, we can be more powerful than any PR company!

I want to THANK every person who helped make this record possible, I am eternally grateful!
Alvin, Christine, RG, Kresnt, my parents, Ilana, Fay, Jason, Michaela, God, Richard and many more.

This is only the beginning… if you’re not doing so… Follow me on Instagram 

Mostly, THANK YOU!!!!!!


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