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Hallo,I’m thinking back to 2018 when I left my first job at VICE to work at Live Nation. After spending the first 5 years of my career in one job, I was taking a typical next step to move to a bigger company with a higher salary. On my first day, I was shown to a desk within a newly renovated office building in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. My desk, my new laptop, my monitor almost sparkled with their newness. “This is growing up,” I thought.

Flash forward to 2020, and within the span of just a few months, I went from full time to furloughed, to laid off, to full time entrepreneur. In that time, I’ve learned SO much. I learned how to navigate legal documents, paying business and personal taxes (did you guys make the deadline?), fundraising, hosting zoom events, visual branding, hiring, and digital programs like Figma and Docsend.

I think we have all experienced how the pandemic has been QUITE a catalyst for learning new things. That is why I am so excited to host an event with Lindsey Pollak, the multigenerational work expert, as she dives deep into the lessons in her new book, Recalculating.

On June 10, we’ll gather virtually to ask the hard questions about this tough transition.

  • What skills will we need to learn to stay competitive in our careers?
  • How do we maintain mental health when so much is up in the air?
  • How do I craft a strong personal brand and career story?
  • Do I need to be worried about AI and automation?

I know I have a lot of questions for Lindsey as I navigate my own “new normal,” but I’m looking forward to hearing your questions too. I’ll be reading the book in preparation! #BookClub!

See you on June 10,
CIRKEL Founder

Thursday, June 10 @ 5 PM EST:
Join us for a fireside chat with NYT bestselling author and multigenerational expert Lindsey Pollak. With the Covid-19 pandemic upending job hunting and career planning forever, her new book Recalculating: Navigate Your Career Through the Changing World of Work is your personal GPS to succeeding today and into the future.Fun Giveaway: 2 attendees will win a copy of Lindsey’s new book! 
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