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Hello Friends!
I am excited to let you know about some of my past and current season’s music highlights. I traveled, played, and spoke, much in the role of a liaison between cultures.
In the last few months, I got further inspired and moved by the extraordinary human beings I am indeed lucky to work with, which, in turn, reignited my ‘the brighter-future-is-possible’ engines and reinforced my belief in sound as one of the fastest highways that can bring about change.
The Sarajevo Philharmonic Concert
In June, ‘Once You Are Not a Stranger’ received its European premiere in a beautiful evening with the Sarajevo Philharmonic. Maestro Dario Vucic lead the philharmonic into electro-acoustic territory with my music for strings and electronic sound, with video art by Michael Gochanour. Also on the program were works by Pozajic, Botessini, and Schubert. The event was part of
the Bosnian-Herzegovinan American Academy of Arts and Sciences 11th Days of BHAAAS in BiH which took place at the Sarajevo National Theater. The aim of the Academy is to connect Bosnian and Herzegovinian scientists, artists and professionals in North America with the homeland. It invariably offers a useful and memorable four days of symposia, culture and friendship!
The Sarajevo City Hall Multimedia Concert
The 11th Days of BHAAAS in BiH showcased some of my recent and new multimedia imaginings at a concert in the historic Pseudo-Moorish ‘Vijecnica’ building, considered by many to be a symbol of the meeting of East and West. The fabulous musical talent I had the pleasure of working with for the occasion were violinist Lorena Milina, flutist/bass flutist Hanan Hadjajlic, mezzosoprano Amila Ravkic, baritone Erol Ramadanovic, and the excellent sound meister Armin Hodzic.
I played the keyboards and produced the event with the help of the Pro-Optimus Sarajevo team.
Recent Press
Gracija magazine showed me some love in this write-up about my concerts in Sarajevo this past summer. You can read the article here.
Here is an interview in the Oslobodjenje (Liberation) paper, conducted by Ema Džananović. In it, I talk about my beginnings in Sarajevo, my work in the U.S., the importance of thinking about a world freed from the shackles of prejudice, pitch/tuning domination, genre compartmentalization, tribalism, doctrine
… and the meaningful connections between people made through art.
Microtonal Works at Furman University Archive
I am delighted that my music is now part of the permanent collection at Furman University‘s James B. Duke Library in Greenville, South Carolina. The new home of the American Festival of Microtonal Music Archive and the Johnny Reinhard Microtonal Collection features several of my works with original tuning, including ‘Before and After the Tekke’, ‘Sabih’s Dream’, ‘Hard Rain, Johnny’, and ‘Nema Te (You Aren’t Here and You Aren’t There’. Some of these works were commissioned by AFMM.
i KADA Commission and Premiere
‘Euphorica’, my new commission for contemporary dance premieres this Saturday Nov 16 at the Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theater during the iKADA Dance 9th Annual Show & Gala Event. The Korean-NYC-based company led by Mee Jung and Ae-Soon Kim Miranda is known for their bold movement and a thirst for original sound. I was thrilled to be able to recruit some excellent people for this brand new euphoria of mine; mezzo-soprano Debora Domanski, Mick Gochanour on electric guitars, and Mario Rasic on bass all added their magic, while I played the pipe organ, sang, and produced the track. Anna-Alisa Belous did costume design. Join us! For tickets, please go here.
Thank you for reading and for staying in touch. I’ll have news on my upcoming album release and
the spring season happenings soon!
Banner Photo by Zdenko Bevanda



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