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Next Gen,

What’s up, team!? We trust this finds you wrapping up another momentous Monday.

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Next Gen HQ’s newest team member, Alyssa! Scroll down to learn about her role as Director of Growth ?and drop us a ‘reply’ to pass along a welcome note.

After reading up, enjoy diving into the career and funding opportunities curated to move you forward. Here we go!

Meet Alyssa Canning

Next Gen’s Director of Growth, Alyssa is passionate about keeping momentum alive for entrepreneurs across the globe.

Meet Mobolaji Sokunbi

Head of Strategic Partnerships for Dell Small Business, Mobolaji’s entrepreneurial spirit is rooted in creating impact.

Shoutout to…

? Samir Goel who closed a successful seed round for his company, Esusu.

? Emmanuel Nyame who received the Ferd’s List Inspiring Young Entrepreneur award.

? Tim Yu whose platform Pluto Money was featured as Apple’s App of the Day.

Book We’re Reading

? The Score Takes Care of Itself (Bill Walsh)


News Driving our Momentum

? Courses for Your Journey (Next Gen Team)

You Better Love This (Morgan Housel)

⭐️ What Start-Up Founders Should Learn From the World’s Best Poker Player (Feliks Eyser)


Our two-cents on Eyser’s article

Eyser instructs founders to assemble their own version of ‘The Avengers’ (non-Marvel fans: that’s code for a diverse team of skilled advisors). The power in having a trusted, reliable group of peers and mentors cannot be overstated. When leading a growing company, it becomes difficult to find the time and resources necessary to learn everything completely on your own, and that’s when you call in the experts for advice. Spend the time forming a brain trust before you need the help. You don’t have to be Thor or Iron Man to ‘win’ — it just might benefit to know them.” – Dylan G.


Agree? Disagree? Reply to this email with your thoughts for a chance to be featured in next week’s ?Roundup!

? $50k Grants @ EdTech

As part of its Learner Variability Project, Digital Promise is offering up to $50k in grants for EdTech developers and teams working on innovative approaches that allow students to engage with content differently. Learn about the RFP process and how to submit a proposal here.

? Brand Ambassador @ WhoseYourLandlord

WYL, a SaaS platform focused on residential real estate, is seeking students and other influencers in Philly to connect with millennial tenants by hosting events, leveraging social media, and more. Learn about the monthly paid role and how to apply here.

? Part-time Role @ Creative Agency

Marketing and video production company Flow Video is hiring a detail-oriented video producer for a part-time role in either Detroit or NYC. Learn about the position and how to apply here.

? High Powered Tech @ Dell*

Next Gen members can save an extra 5% during Dell’s Semi-Annual Sale between 9/5 and 9/25! On top of the extra savings, Next Gen members have exclusive access to complimentary onsite tech consultations with Dell’s highly trained advisors & flexible financing options. Learn how to save here.

*This is a sponsored post.

“Learning to be diligent with your time and how to cultivate the right mindset will be the biggest blockers to your success.”

Learn from Stacey Ferreira: Founder of Forge and experienced entrepreneur, Stacey shares her knowledge on remaining on-task.

Thanks for tuning in. Enjoy tonight’s ?Roundup? Drop us a note by hitting ‘reply.’ We love to hear from you. Until next week, keep changing the world.

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