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Next Gen,

Evening, crew! Happy Monday.

If you’re a NY Giants football fan like many of us, this morning’s water cooler chats may not have been so enjoyable… Fear not, as tonight we’re sharing plenty of articles worthy of changing any conversation topic. Remember: Next Gen stands for all entrepreneurs — even those who support losing teams ?.

Read on to learn more about working in venture, winning $40k, and flexing your creative muscle:

Meet David Pawlan

A young entrepreneur working to help change the world for the better, David is the Founder of Aloa.

Meet Elena Potek

Turning silence into support when you need it most, Elena is the Founder of Empowered Conversation.

Shoutout to…

? Chizoba An who released TravSolo’s app on Monday

? Cherie Aimee who accepted the role of chairperson and speaker at a leading cybersecurity event

? Cora Boyd who was featured on YouTube channel The Cut representing her dating coach business

Book We’re Reading

? Indistractable (Nir Eyal)

News Driving our Momentum

? How to Own Q-4 (Next Gen Team)

Can Any Company be a Tech Company? (Burt Helm)

⭐️ Universities Foster Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Hannah Winston)

Our two-cents on Rudegeair’s article

“At my university, there’s an ‘innovation and entrepreneurship’ program which has come a long way since its inception — we now even offer grants to startups on-campus. However, generally speaking, I do not believe universities are effective at teaching subjects that fall outside of traditional academic disciplines, such as entrepreneurship. In my opinion, the greatest learning for entrepreneurs comes from simply ‘doing’ rather than coursework.” — Tom W.

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? VC Job @ Greycroft

Greycroft, the seed-to-growth firm with a portfolio of companies including Axios, Braintree, and Venmo, is hiring a pre-MBA Early Stage Investment Associate. Learn more about the Full-Time, New York role and how to apply here.

? $40k @ Young Entrepreneur Competition

The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) offers college students and recent grads the chance to compete for a $40k valued cash and prize package, and a finalist trip to South Africa. Learn about applying for the NY regional competition here.

? Creative Role @ Startup School

Running entrepreneurship programs in California, Next Gen partner Draper University is hiring a Marketing Manager to build content, plan events, and manage campaigns. Learn more about the creative position and how to apply here.

“The smartest entrepreneurs I’ve met have been proactive about embracing change.”

Learn from Jason Feifer: Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, Jason understands the importance of storytelling and the media presence of a venture.

Thanks for tuning in. Enjoy tonight’s ?Roundup? Drop us a note by hitting ‘reply.’ We love to hear from you. Until next week, keep changing the world.

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