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Next Gen,

Hey, fam! With the heatwave gone, we’ve finally lowered our AC units from max, and hope you all enjoyed as cool a weekend as possible.

In honor of The Lion King’s remake, we decided it was only right to spice up your weekly Next Gen Roundup with extra momentum to energize your entrepreneurial journey. Speaking of awesome news, don’t forget to submit your application to join us for free at the Target Incubator Conference powered by Next Gen! Consider this the final call, as applications close Tuesday at 11:59 PM EST. Until then, enjoy community, education, resources, and mentorship straight from Next Gen. Now that’s momentum.

Community - To foster connections

Meet Hunter WhitneyA senior at UNC and avid Carolina basketball fan, Hunter is exploring the world of entrepreneurship through her summer internship with Next Gen. Meet Tom WantyWith a passion for entrepreneurship, Tom is converting ideas to reality everywhere from his internship at Next Gen to his senior year at Duke University.

Shoutout to:

Jaclyn DiGregorio who was featured on her first radio show with Women to Watch Media
Jeremy Redman who spotlighted Sarah Hernholm on his podcast Not Boring Business
Anya Arora’s team which won the Business Innovation Grant by EIT Food

Knowledge - To gain power

News Driving our Momentum:

 Utilizing Your Calendar (Next Gen Team)
 Beating the Odds: From a Basement to a Billion (Francis Davidson)
⭐️ Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made? (Jayson DeMers)

Our two-cents on DeMers’ article:

“While research suggests that entrepreneurship is an innate trait, I believe one has to intentionally follow a certain path to truly develop as an entrepreneur. But maybe my feelings are as so because this thinking is comforting — there’s hope in thinking that we all can eventually ‘win’ after enough practice and determination. You can nevertheless see a correlation between previous experience starting a business and ultimate success in the startup space. In my opinion, one has to have a predisposed — innate — interest in entrepreneurship, coupled with a determination to translate said interest into a skill, in order to succeed.” – Tom W.

Agree? Disagree? Reply to this email with your thoughts for a chance to be featured in next week’s Roundup!

Resources - To accelerate growth
$125k @ Food Tech
Big Idea Ventures has opened applications for their upcoming Food Accelerator cohort in NY and Singapore, investing $125k cash and $50k of in-kind services to the world’s best alternative protein companies. Learn about their food tech thesis and how to apply here.

Students @ VC Training
WestWave Ventures is now accepting applications for their VC Scholar program, a virtual VC education and ambassador program that trains students to source and evaluate deals, attend competitions, and more. Learn about the program and how to apply here.

Social Entrepreneurs @ UN SDGs
The Entrepreneurship Campus is calling on young social entrepreneurs interested in implementing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to submit ideas on how to create a sustainable world. The group is offering prizes, mentorship, and exposure for finalists. Learn about the competition and how to apply here.

Mentorship - To reap wisdom

“Never be the hero of your brand story. Always be the guide.”
Learn from Rich Keller: Chief Empowerment Officer of S.C.O.R.E. who is working to impact one million lives through branding and strategy wisdom.
Thanks for tuning in, team. Enjoy tonight’s Roundup? We love hearing from our crew, so feel free to drop us a note by hitting ‘reply.’ Until next week, keep working hard and changing the world. Much love!

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