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Coming of Age NYC
May 2020
Inspiring New Yorkers 50+ to Live With
Passion and Purpose
In the COVID-19 Crisis,
Where You Live Matters
We know what it means to those of us New Yorkers who live in a dense urban space vs. a less populated area in Wyoming, but how differently are our needs met, especially as we shelter in place? Smart Living 360 addresses this reality. “Home is multi-pronged. Sometimes, we view it too narrowly, as simply our physical dwelling. Our single-family house, apartment, condo and so on. But the reality is that the country you live in, your metropolitan area, your neighborhood and your physical dwelling all combine to form your place.
“The coronavirus crisis is a strong reminder that the place we call home matters. (See Power of Place.) For some, all considered, place has fortified their health and provided reassurances. For others, place has magnified fears and increased health risks. It’s no exaggeration to say that place can be the difference between life and death…
“There’s not any one right answer for place, but some are better than others. It comes down to individual preference as well as age and stage.
Regardless, it’s hard to see the downside of having good neighbors willing to
chip in and help no matter what…” Read more
Stay Grounded and Stress-Free
Thank you to the University Settlement’s Creative Center for directing us to The Center for Popular Democracy’s Healing Handout. It offers activities for staying grounded during continued social distancing, e.g. journaling prompts, how to heal stress, making changes, breathing exercises and gratitude practice.
Another great resource is Headspace’s new website called “A New York State of Mind,” focused on meditation and mindfulness. Its free content is especially for New Yorkers during trying times. With just a few minutes you can:
  • Reduce stress so you can feel less overwhelmed
  • Boost compassion and resilience to help build greater empathy for others
  • Reduce negative emotions to help you navigate through tough moments
Stress Reduction Workshop
Dr. Scott Weiner, a longtime volunteer with Gilda’s club, will conduct some simple visualization and relaxation techniques to reduce your stress.
Open to all who need relief in these trying times!
Monday, May 4 from 2-4:00 PM
Wellness Wednesdays Music Therapy
Learn music-based coping techniques from Board Certified Music Therapist Ariel Weissberger of Berko Music Therapy. Includes live music and opportunities to actively participate by listening, singing along, and playing along with instruments made out of items you can find at home. This engaging workshop will inspire you and leave you feeling joyful!
Wednesday, May 6 from 4-5:00 PM
Be Part of the Cure:
Why Participating in Research Studies Matters
Dr. Mari Umpierre, Co- Director, Satellite Program, Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, will explain how volunteers are key to the success of ground-breaking research studies that contribute to finding better ways to diagnose, treat and to cure diseases. Dr. Umpierre reviews studies and how volunteers have helped to make valuable strides in the world of modern medicine.
Thursday, May 7 from 1-2:00 PM
Pain Management: Joint Health for Caregivers & Older Adults
Work out the kinks with Dr. David T. Neuman of Learn practical tips and suggestions to keep your joints and muscles limber which will improve your quality of life and energy levels. His online joint health community offers specially designed joint-health activity and controlled exercise programs to help you preserve your joint function and feel less pain.
Wednesday, May 20 from 2-3:00 PM
Protecting Assets for Older Adults & Caregivers
During these uncertain times, it’s important to protect yourself. Ronald Fatoullah, Esq., who has been helping New Yorkers plan for the future since 1977, will share key tips and answer your questions.
Tuesday, May 19 from 1-2:00 PM
To view past webinars, visit
Learn more about your family history from home! The Center for Jewish History is offering a Genealogy Coffee Break series on Facebook live every Tuesday at 3:30 pm through May 12th, and possibly beyond. Discover hints and tricks for online research, and have your questions answered live by expert genealogical librarians.
Tune in live at or watch all previously recorded videos here.
Experience the Tenement Museum
From Home
If you’ve never been to the famed Tenement Museum, this online exploration gives you a virtual opportunity to see all that it has to offer. While the Museum’s physical doors may have temporarily closed, why not visit the Tenement Museum from your own home?
Explore life in a tenement on the Lower East Side, watch upcoming virtual LIVE events, read behind-the-scenes articles, listen to podcasts and tenement talks, and more here
DOROT’s University Without Walls
Offers Free Classes in May!
Just for older adults, DOROT’s University Without Walls offers a variety of stimulating classes “all over the phone and from the comfort of home!” Choose from a variety of 15 classes including a News Discussion with the New York Public Library, Sound Meditation, the History of Chocolate, Seated Qigong & Tai Chi, a Play Reading Group, plus more. But you must Register in advance of May classes or call: 877-819-9147.
NY State Legislature Makes It Difficult to Access Medicaid Services
The Elder Law and Estate Planning law firm of Cutner & Lamson, P.C. alerts all New Yorkers that the recently passed budget will make it more difficult to access Medicaid services for long-term care for older adults.
“The changes that will have the largest impact are scheduled to become effective on October 1, 2020. This will give older adults and the disabled a short, five-and-a-half month window to put plans in place, using the current, more generous rules regarding these vital government programs…”
Read more to find out whether these important changes to Community Medicaid and personal care services will affect you and/or your loved ones.
Want to Understand Medicaid?
Tune into PSS Life!U webinars:
  • Navigating the Medicaid Channel with Attorney Stacey Meshnick of Ronald Fatoullah & Associates on Thursday, May 14 from 1-2:00 PM Register here
  • Medicaid Eligibility for Caregivers and Older Adults with Dan Timins, Esq. on Tuesday, June 16 from 1-2:00 PM Register here
Amazon’s review says, “Happiness is not about wishful thinking, good luck, or avoiding negative thoughts. In fact, the only path to true happiness requires seeing challenges as opportunities and discovering emotional strength during times of struggle. In other words, it’s about resilience.
“Dr. Zelana Montminy, a leading expert in positive psychology, offers a practical, science-backed toolkit to develop your capacity to handle whatever life throws your way—and thrive. Each day of her powerful program, Dr. Montminy introduces a key trait necessary to improve resiliency and enhance wellbeing, such as gratitude, focus, playfulness, self-respect, and flexibility, then provides three simple tasks to accomplish that day…” Great price here
2020 Census – Get Counted
Receive Our Fair Share of Public Funds
It’s quick and easy
NYC’s lower income neighborhoods have been under-counted in past censuses, disadvantaging our neighborhoods, communities and families. We need to be counted to receive our fair share of the federal funding which helps support vital non-profits like PSS.
The 2020 Census is key to shaping the future of the NYC community. Census statistics are used to determine the number of seats each state holds in the U.S. House of Representatives and informs legislative district boundaries. The Census also informs how hundreds of billions of dollars in public funds are allocated by state, local and federal lawmakers to communities for public services and infrastructure like hospitals, emergency services, schools and bridges each year over the next 10 years.


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