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Has your heart been aching as you see the suffering that many in our world are going through right now? I hear this so often.

I say it is a good sign when your heart aches!

Let me explain…

When your heart aches at seeing suffering, it’s a sign of just how important it is to you to uplift, support, and empower people. The only reason our heart aches is because we care so much about relieving suffering and supporting people to experience a just world.

All the leaders we have trained (over the past 20 years!) have this one trait in common: When they see people struggling, they have a desire to make a difference in their lives.

If this speaks to you, then you’re one of those leaders.

I believe that now more than ever is a time to lead the way to a world where people are clear on what is important to them, and taking action on it.

Whether you’re a manager, an entrepreneur, a healer, a creative, or anything else… I want to invite you to develop your skills at bringing out the best in yourself and those you support.

One way we support people from all these different sectors to have skills to uplift the people around them is through our foundational course: Mastering Life’s Energies.

This course is for anyone who wants to develop their capacity to create spaces where people are present to…
… new possibilities, their creativity, their innate courage, how capable they are.

Rather than…
… what’s going wrong, how it’s someone else’s fault, and why it won’t work.

We’re offering the course online in July. There are still a few spots left.

And best of all, there is still time to get the early bird discount (about 25%) on any of our sliding scale pricing tiers. The discount ends this Saturday, May 23.

If you know you want to be the kind of person that brings out the greatness of those around you, this may be the course for you.

Take a look on the course web page to learn more.

Be well,


PS – If you want to get a sense for the kind of skills we teach in the course for centering yourself amidst times of adversity, take a look at my latest blog post: The Gratitude Protocol.

Maria Nemeth, PhD, MCC
Director, Academy for Coaching Excellence

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