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We just completed our first ever time leading Mastering Life’s Energies online, and while there’s a lot I could say about how it went, I think it might be best to hear it directly from the participants:

“This course has been exquisitely executed. I’ve taken a lot of online courses, and this has raised the bar… it’s just been extraordinary. If you are ready to make a real positive difference in your life and for others, and be equipped with effective tools to do so, this results-based program is for you.”

“This was a top tier online seminar among the several I’ve attended.”

“…it was so interactive and connected. I had a lot of discomfort with doing an online course, and this has shown me it’s totally possible to have a clear and focused container where this work can be done. It proved to me that if you guys can do it, I can also do it in my work… I’ve been “resisting” that, and this has shown me the way through.”

“It’s hard to believe this is the first time you held this online. It was really seamless. I’m so appreciative to the whole team for the heart and space you hold for everyone.”

Our September Mastering Life’s Energies course is already full with a waiting list.

So, we have decided to add another Mastering Life’s Energies course in October (see the course dates here).

If you are eager to make the contribution that only you are here to make, I invite you to join me for our upcoming course in October.

If you are an aspiring coach, this course will give you the foundation of our coaching approach… as well as a clear idea of whether we might be the school for you.

If you are a leader, the course will give you simple yet powerful resilience tools and success skills to empower yourself — and those around you — especially in times of uncertainty.

And if you are in a transition or at a crossroads in your life, this course will support you to see what it is that is truly important to you… and provide you a way to take authentic action on what is important to you… with ease, rather than struggle.

If this resonates with you, or you’re curious to learn more about this course, please take a look at our updated Mastering Life’s Energies webpage for details.

If you are considering joining the course, I also invite you to schedule a chat with one of our course leaders to get your questions answered.

The “Early Bird” for our October course, which means you can register and save $300-$700 on your sliding scale tuition, is available now through September 11.



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