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I hope you are doing well, as we come to the close of this year.

I wanted to let you know: December 20 is the Early Bird deadline for my 4-day course, Mastering Life’s Energies, coming up in March.

The course is all about tools to live, lead, and make a difference with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.

Does this interest you?

By clarity, I mean seeing what’s important to you.

By focus, I mean putting your energy toward what is important to you.

By ease, I mean taking the next small, sweet step in front of you — rather than struggling or “powering through.” (is that familiar to you? If not, take notes for your cousin!)

By grace, I mean a sense of gratitude for what is occurring for you, right here and now.

When we act with clarity, focus, ease, and grace, we find that at any moment, we can look at the life we are living and say: “YES! I am doing exactly what I came here to do.”

This would be very easy for all of us… were it not for our 100,000 year-old brain.

You see, our brains have not changed appreciably since the days we were living in caves.

Back then, it was very useful to spot danger quickly. In fact, even if danger were not present, we might still spot it — because, as the saying goes, it’s “better safe than sorry.”

This “negativity bias” kept us alive through all the millennia… yet, today, we have inherited brains that often cannot tell the difference between real danger and anything that is simply new or different.

This is, in a nutshell, a large part of why we stop, struggle, or give up on our goals and dreams.

And I simply do not want that for you.

My dedication is to support you to live a life without regrets: A life in which you have discovered your purpose, contributed your gifts, and savored your precious time on this planet.

So tell me: Might this be what you have been looking for?

If so, register by 12/20 and save between $300-$700 on your sliding scale tuition.

I would be thrilled to have you.

I have been leading this course, in one form or another, for over thirty years… because I have seen it transforms people’s lives. If you attend, I promise it will do the same for you.

See you there,


p.s. – Would you like to be supported in seeing if this course is right for you at this time? We are glad to chat with you!

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