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Dear Flobel Community,

With the launch of the January 6th hearings and the continued unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and war crimes by Putin and his troops, the fragile nature of democracy in the US and the world has taken center stage. We ask all advisors and friends to write a 50 word paragraph on why you intend to vote on November 8th and send it to us ( for use in our social media to help GOTV . This will be part of our new project #ROCKTHEMIDTERMS. We are not advocating for any specific candidate or party, just to help GOTV. Voting is the bedrock for democracy and education is the bedrock for voting.

Quote of the Week

“Democracy cannot succeed unless

those who express their choice are

prepared to choose wisely. The real

safeguard of democracy, therefore,

is education.

Franklin D. Roosevelt




Sage Advice: Lifelong Artist Maryanne Erickson




  • We have a wonderful new website coming in July (stay tuned).
  • We are developing new Committees (based on subject matter) and are looking for volunteer co-chairs to help run them and advisors to participate. Thus far we have co-chairs for Health & Wellness, Law, Real Estate, Music. Film & TV, Art & Photography, Women, and Writing. If you would like to join any of these Committees or suggest any new ones, please email
  • We are also developing new Chapters (based on geography). Thus far we have co-chairs for California , Florida and New York. If you would like to join any of these Chapters or suggest any new ones, please email

We mourn the passing of one of our long-term friends and advisors. He will always be in our hearts. Andrew Wolmer (2/13/57-4/15/22) . 

Andrew Wolmer (02/13/57-04/14/22)

Keep swinging and stay foxy,

Dan Schneider, Esq.

Executive Director

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