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Did you know there are only 4 performances left of jazz singer? — Well, it’s true (and I happen to know that you don’t have a ticket yet).
But the thing is, I’d really, really love for you to see this thing. It’s at Abrons at 8PM Wednesday through Saturday. Tickets are only $25, but if that’s prohibitive I’m sure we can figure something out.
Here’s the link:
Here’s my favorite pull-quote from our New Yorker review:
And here are some pretty pictures to entice you. Hope you can make it! I’ll be at Eastwood every night afterwards (except closing, when you’re welcome to come to my place for the afterparty)
Nehemiah Luckett, Cristina Pitter, Joshua William Gelb and Stanley Mathabane. Photo by Ian Douglas
_jazz singer_featuring Nehemiah Luckett_CREDIT IAN DOUGLAS.jpg.jpg
Nehemiah Luckett. Photo by Ian Douglas
Cristina Pitter and Joshua William Gelb. Photo by Ian Douglas
presented by Abrons Arts Center
created by Nehemiah Luckett and Joshua William Gelb
September 24-October 12
Abrons Arts Center Playhouse | 466 Grand St.
Featuring Nehemiah Luckett, Cristina Pitter, Joshua William Gelb, Stanley Mathabane and different guest jazz musician every night (see schedule below)

This theatrical exhumation of the first feature-length sound film, The Jazz Singer, interrogates appropriation, assimilation, atonement, and whether escape from the specter of blackface is possible. Set on the Lower East Side, the 1927 film tells the story of a “jazz crooner” forced to choose between his immigrant Jewish heritage and his aspirations to become a Broadway star. Though historically significant for its integration of synchronized sound, it is remembered mostly for its controversial use of blackface and in this act of musical reevaluation, Gelb and Luckett build a complex inquiry into the performance of American racial identity today.

Presented by Abrons Arts Center / Directed by Joshua William Gelb / Composed and Music Directed by Nehemiah Luckett / Produced by Frank Poon / Dramaturg: Zhailon Levingston / Associate Director: Johnny Lloyd / Guest Musician Curator: Alphonso Horne / Scenic Design: You-Shin Chen / Video Design: Lianne Arnold / Sound Design: Kate Marvin & Stanley Mathabane / Lighting Design: Marika Kent / Costume Design: Rodrigo Muñoz / Original artwork: Jarrett Key / Stage Manager: Lindsey Hurley / Assistant Stage Manager: Ellen Mischinski / Sponsored by Ben Feldman

Schedule of Guest Musicians:
10/9 – Drew Anderson
10/10 – Remee Ashely
10/11 – Abdias Armenteros
10/12 – Jerome Ellis

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