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In 2019, Julia Hawkins made history as the oldest woman to ever compete at a sanctioned track and field event — and Growing Bolder was there to capture not just the 50-yard dash and 100-yard dash races themselves, but Julia’s reaction to her record-setting run.Admitting she had some nerves before lacing up, Julia — better known as “Hurricane” — said she pushed through those fears and doubts because she wanted to make a statement to the world about what 100 (and 103!) can look like.

See what she shared with us at the National Senior Games in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and why her takeaway is that it’s not always about where you finish…but that you decided to get started at all!


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Want to live longer, be healthier, smile more — and oh, yes…help your own children out? Grab your grandkids and spend a few hours together! A new study backs up research that has been coming out for years, and it reminds us that grandparents who help watch kids — their own grandchildren, other family members or just those in need of some extra care — have a lower risk of death over a 20-year period, than those who don’t serve as babysitters or caregivers.

And did we mention that it’s great for the kids, too? Other studies show that children who interact with grandparents and older people on a regular basis have a much healthier view of aging altogether (plus, they often develop better vocabulary skills, learn about their own family’s roots and culture and become more social).

So, get out there and enjoy your grandchildren!


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