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Happy Lunar Year of the Rabbit to All

January 2022

Happy New Year, Everyone!

As many of you who follow me on social media know, I was hit a bit hard by COVID while in Georgia visiting my family for the holidays.

I drove 1000 miles and felt horrible within 48 hours of arriving at my sister’s home, tested positive, and isolated for ten surreal days before finally receiving a negative test result. No one else was infected. My sister, Kim, and I had zoom lunch and dinners from different rooms. We waved to each other from my window and the front yard. I took Paxlovid and my symptoms lessened (although the medication was quite hard on me…six big pills per day).

We had a sweet New Year’s Eve together. A couple of days later, I drove another 1000 miles to NYC and I was exhausted. I took a week off from teaching.

Now I know experientially what a large portion of the planet has been through for the past three years. It shook me to my core.

Whether or not you’ve ever tested positive for COVID-19, I feel for all of us since we really are all in this together. The thought of what my family and I went through to keep the rest of the household safe, to keep me well-fed, resting, and recovering, day by day, is something I will always remember. The image and reality of millions of people facing what we faced (and much worse) changed me forever.

So I hope everyone’s all right. If you did get caught in the December 2022 wave and became infected or are facing the new variant now as a patient, please rest up. Scroll down for some suggestions from me and others.

On a cheerier note, please save the date for our second show at the wonderful Broadway-area venue,

54 Below

Thursday, March 30th

7 pm

Please mark your calendars!

ticket link is below

We will be performing live and streaming this time, presenting the entire album, Blue, by Joni Mitchell, and some of her hits from other albums before and after that acclaimed work.

I’ll be celebrating the new year with gusto and joy today with friends today, the first day of the Year of the Black Water-Rabbit 2023!

For me, 2023 welcomes

  1. Great and enjoyable nutrition and food
  2. Getting back into the swing of exercise I love, slowly
  3. Plenty of rest and relaxation
  4. Focused goal-setting for the busy upcoming months to further my career and projects, for both my communities and me

I’ll share more with you and would love to hear from you whenever you have time.

I wish you wonderful times with your loved ones and success in all you do for 2023,


Tickets for March 30

at 54 Below

We will be updating the ticket info shortly

Remarkable exhibit at The Whitney Museum:

no existe un mundo poshuracán:

Puerto Rican Art in the Wake of Hurricane Maria

There is No Such Thing as a Post-hurricane World

I wrote a review for The Whitney Museum about this show and it’s now included in the December/January 2023 print issue of WestView News.

Village neighborhood folks can pick the paper up from a red newspaper box in front of 69 Charles Street. When it’s online I’ll share a link.

I encourage everyone to come to see this amazing multi-media exhibit at The Whitney if you are in New York City before April 23, 2023. There are over 200 artists from PR and the diaspora included in many media including film, painting, sculpture and installation.

I’ll post my art reviews on my website in the near future as I begin an archive there of the pieces I’ve written for WestView News and other publications over the years.

An image of a huge painting from the exhibit below:

Gamaliel Rodríguez, Collapsed Soul, 2020–21. Ink and acrylic on canvas, 84 × 112 in. (213.3 × 284.5 cm). © 2021 Gamaliel Rodríguez. Courtesy the artist and Nathalie Karg Gallery NYC. Photograph by Gamaliel Rodríguez


Some things I’ve learned or investigated


After reading dozens of reviews (there are over 1400 good ones online), I decided to try Armra Colostrum to heal from COVID 19. So far I’m feeling gradual good effects from it. It supports immune health and rebuilds lost hair and skin conditions from ailments like COVID.

Near Infrared Light (940nm) Improves COVID Outcomes: Exciting Randomized Control Trial

Youtube Video by Dr. Roger Seheult, MD

My friend, Chris Manis, sent me the YouTube link above when he knew I was recovering from COVID 19 and I decided to go to a Korean Spa to sit under the Infrared Lights on lounge chairs there, rest, and recuperate in the hot tubs and basically look out for number 1 in any way I can physically. It seems to be working well.

I am not a doctor and I don’t claim any of the things I try to cure COIVD, alleviate recovery symptoms for anyone else or guarantee that they will work for you. However, I like to share my good news with you.

Armra, Infrared Light Healing, and Korean spas have been great for me! So has the friendship and support of my dear friends.

I suggest watching lots of funny movies while you’re isolating and recovering. This kept my spirits up and kept me laughing. Occasional crying is also a good release for those that enjoy tear-jerkers.

Take good care, everyone.

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