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PitchPower®: How to Talk About What You Do So Your Perfect Clients Say, “I need you!

You know that networking is key to building your business. But so is answering the dreaded question, “What do you do?” When people hear your answer, do they look confused?

True fact: When your ideal clients can understand how you help them, they’ll say, “I need to hire you.”

That’s where having a clear, simple, succinct elevator pitch comes in. An effective pitch is a little story you tell in a sincere, heartfelt, and truthful way so the people who need you can find you. When you connect from your heart and passion, you’ll become visible to your audience, get the right referrals, and feel confident to market, be visible, and shine your light online and out loud.

Maggy Sterner, an expert brand messaging coach and business coach, will teach you:

The goal of an elevator pitch
Why it matters
How to resonate with your audience
Five steps to deliver a heartfelt pitch that connects with your ideal clients

Advance Prep

To get the most out of this session, do some advance homework:

Complete Maggy’s free Pitch Power® worksheet and bring it to the session. Don’t overthink it – whatever you write is perfect. You’ll get to hone it with your peers in a breakout session, then Maggy will be your “messaging maestro” by coaching a few people on refining their perfect pitch!

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