Step 1. — Register your account at, with your email and a password you will remember. You will get a confirmation email once your account has been approved. NOTE: Even if we have your bio, registering connects your email to your advisor profile, so everyone should register. Any duplicates get sorted out on the back-end.


Step 2. — Download the iOS app from


Step 3. — Once the app has been downloaded, open it. On the bottom right corner of the screen, click the gear icon that reads ‘Account.’ Login with your email and password from Step 1. This will allow you contact other advisors and edit your profile.


Step 4. — On the bottom center of the screen, click the people icon that reads “Advisors.” On this tab, you can search for advisors by name, interests, and profession. Just type the keyword for what you are looking for in the top of the screen.


Step 5. — Once you find an advisor you want to connect with, go to their profile and click “contact advisor” underneath their name. The app will request approval, and once that is given, you will be connected with the advisor.