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Finding a place in today’s job market can be challenging. Globalization, shifting labor markets, and game-changing technology keep the foundation moving, requiring all to be agile and to adapt. Workers need to keep their skills sharp. Companies need to respond to new priorities. Life-long learning is not a luxury. It’s a requirement.

At our conference Inclusion by Design: Women 50+ Claiming our Place in the Future of Work we will talk with experts about what the future of work looks like. We will identify ways in which job seekers, particularly women 50+, can find meaningful work.

We will look at technology and its multifaceted impact on the workplace. We will discuss the myriad benefits of hiring older women and discuss strategies for attracting this growing labor market. All attendees will get a chance to participate in workshops designed to broaden their skillsets and mindsets.

We are honored that Ruth Finkelstein, Executive Director of the Brookdale Center on Aging at Hunter College will give our keynote. A dynamic and engaging speaker, Dr. Finkelstein will focus on policy initiatives designed to combat ageism in the workplace and will highlight steps companies can take to reap the benefits of an age-diverse workforce.

On Oct 28th we will focus on skills building with the following interactive workshops:

  1. Charge Up Your Confidence: Get powered up to take the next steps in your career journey.
  2. What’s Your Story?: Learn how to keep your story or “brand” fresh in today’s digital world.
  3. You’re in Good Company: Design and build tools to inspire an inclusive and accessible workplace.

On Oct 29th we will work to reframe the narrative by collaborating with experts in technology, demographics, longevity, public and civic sectors, education, and media — and each other — to explore how women 50+ can claim their place in the future of work.

Check out the complete schedule here:


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At our mission is to expand the work horizon for women 50+ who are looking to get back to work, pivot to a new opportunity or stay competitive in their current jobs. Not only does the changing landscape of the job market impact their career choices, they also face additional hurdles of ageism and sexism.

Inclusion by Design: Women 50+ Claiming our Place in the Future of Work will help our amazing women expand their skills and build their confidence to take their place in the future of work.

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