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Millennials in the Workplace: Why and How your Company Needs to Pivot

Millennials have arrived and are changing the workplace forever.  They have different desires and expectations than past generations and therefore companies must pivot, shifting from maintaining methods that worked for baby boomers to those that resonate with millennials. With 35% of the labor force now being made up of millennials, this is a pressing issue for businesses as baby-boomers retire.

In the post I dive into why your company needs to pivot to millennials working habits and more.

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Latest News & Events

News & Announcements

India: I am returning today from a jam-packed trip to India.  It began with a very special week at Shanti Bhavan (a boarding school for the poorest of the poor with whom I have partnered for a decade). In addition to giving students workshops on music, public speaking, and social responsibility, the school unveiled the new name of the kindergarten residence building in a ceremony honoring my late grandmother. She will be watching over these amazing kids now, smiling upon them and encouraging them to achieve their dreams and discover all that life has to offer. Hope you can one day visit Krishna Nehru Hutheesing House at Shanti Bhavan in Tamil Nadu, India.

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Also while in India, I hosted two Ravi Unites Schools interactions (see Ravi Unites Schools update below) and gave a keynote for the students and faculty of the Singapore International School in Mumbai.  It is a beautiful school with a remarkable staff and very bright students.  Thank you to New Millennium Education Partners for bringing me to SIS.

Ravi Unites Schools Update

We have had four amazing interactions since the last newsletter, making this the busiest month ever for Ravi Unites Schools.  At the end of August I hosted one live from Chile where students of the MacKay School in Vina Del Mar interacted with peers in Santa Ana California USA.  Then later that week, I hosted virtually (still from Chile) and interaction between Tamil Nadu India and Aurora Ohio USA.  Then I went to India and alongside student in Tamil Nadu, I hosted an interaction with their peers from Stevens Point Wisconsin USA.  Finally, alongside students in Mumbai, I hosted an interaction with their peers in Hilton Head South Carolina USA.  These were all amazing and you can see some of the latest videos at

That’s the latest from Ravi Unites!  Please feel free to reply with your thoughts, speaking event interests, and questions, and I’ll be glad to respond.

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