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Market Research

Enhancing Your Big Idea

Ready to take the next step and refine your Big Idea? Need some help? We’ve got you covered.

Join BoomerWorks on June 11th via Zoom from 5:00 pm – 6:45 pm for our FREE, highly interactive online Meetup where you will gain independent feedback to refine your big idea and explore the important topics to help you polish your business concept in a safe, small-group peer environment.

o Why this target customer?
o Why do you think the customer will want to pay for your solution?
o How do you plan to solve their urgent problems?
o How will you deliver your offer?

And, we’ll share tips and resources on the Market Research you need to validate and solidify your business concept before you take your idea to market.

We’d love your help in spreading the word! Feel free to extend this invitation to members of your network who will benefit from this event.

For a full event description and to register today, please click the big button below!

Advance Prep is Required for This Session!

Your advance homework can be found on the BoomerWorks website under Upcoming Events or click on the links below.

(1) Please watch this 15-minute introductory Refining Your Business Plan video.

(2) Please download the BoomerWorks Lean Business Plan and complete Sections 2-5 in advance.

(3) We ask that you come to the Meetup session prepared to present your business idea in the form of “I want to help (this target customer) solve (this urgent challenge) by providing (this product or service), delivered (in this way).”

BoomerWorks is helping experienced professionals 50+ create financial freedom by introducing you to options within freelance work and self-employment. Learn how reinventing yourself can generate the potential of endless income!

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