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Thanks for signing up to receive our newsletter for ICTUS. As you may have seen we have already launched our campaign and are well on our way to making this film a reality! Our project is a result of contributors and passionate filmmakers coming together to bring this film to life. Our story is based off of James Levine, an infamous conductor recently known for being forced out of the MET due to allegations of sexual misconduct with his musicians and students. In 2017 and 2018 we entered the era of “Me Too” a victimized stance to the rampant sexual misconduct in our world. In 2019 we went on the offensive and started the “Time’s Up” movement. This movement ousted conductors at the highest ranks included James Levine. Now, in 2020 we hope to begin a new movement “Replaced” where we seek to fill the gaps they left with ethical notions of what a leader should be.
My name is Jeff Haskell and I will be taking care of production and making sure our directors have everything they need to bring their vision to life. I’ve been scouting locations, bringing on new team members, and working through the story with Félixe de Becker and Georgia Azoulay, our directors. All of the labor on this project is volunteer work and through my production company I have been able to provide free camera equipment and a basic lighting package. We are getting lots of other favors from friends and coworkers however there are some costs we just can’t avoid like Permits, Location Fees, Costumes, and Food for our crew. This is where our IndieGogo Campaign comes in. For all of the costs we can’t find solutions for we will have to rely partly on our contributors to get us there.
If you are interested in bringing this film to life I encourage you to follow our Instagram: Ictus_Film to stay up to date and to check out our IndieGogo. Each contribution is important and every share of this link on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter helps us as well. We hope you find something in this project that speaks to you and that you will join us for the next few months as we discover what this film will be.

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