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Not coming home

Dear ,

A couple of years ago, I remembered being angry and frustrated with Sonia, my daughter.

She could not come to visit with me for the holidays and instead wanted to leave for Asia.

Those days I suffered terribly from “empty nesters syndrome.” It meant the world to me when my kids came over for a visit, or I could travel to be with them, and I felt frustrated when I could not visit with them.

That particular year I got upset when my daughter called to say she was not coming to visit during the holidays. I could not even hear what she was saying.

I was that upset.

Amidst all that angst, I suddenly had an earth-shattering Insight.

In the middle of the angry blasting from me, I suddenly realized something.

, just one insight completely changed my world view!

I stopped in mid-sentence and told her that I was so grateful that she was making the trip to visit her grandmother and how proud I was of her. Go figure!

So what shifted in me and why? The anger, frustration left and never came back with this one realization.

If you are suffering from disappointment or anger at someone or some event in the past and wish to get past all the angst, click here for your Coming Home to Myself Breakthrough Session.

Life is too short. Don’t wait!

With Love & Blessings,

Dr. Vijaya
P.S. Sonia is on her way to Singapore right now to be at her late grandmother’s passing on memorial prayers. CLICK HERE if you too would like to let go of the past anger and find Peace and Forgiveness instead. Come Home to Yourself. You Deserve it!


DR. VIJAYA NAIR, M.D. F.A.M.S., M.S. Health and Wellness Expert

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In Loving Service,
Dr. Vijaya Nair
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