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The talk show for young professionals who believe their passion deserves a chance! 
Hosted By Debra Cooper
#1 Recognized Career Coach

A new Passional Professional episode of the year is NOW LIVE!

Susan Howell is an extraordinary Financial Educator & Money Coach who will teach you how to take the stress, fear, and worry out of money matters and put in the joy and freedom

Episode 12: Susan Howell

Founder and Owner of MoneyMaestra

Susan grew up without money but was able to change the course of her life through her money skills, practices, and her positive money mindset.


Susan is the founder and owner of MoneyMaestra. She realized that financial education and financial wellness were largely not being taught in schools or in society. Susan made it her mission to change that.

Susan believes in a holistic approach to handling money matters. She focuses on the many aspects of money and how it affects all areas of our lives, including our relationships.

Listen and be inspired!

Best Regards,
Debra Olshan Cooper
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