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If you live in South Africa you might have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed a winter holiday at home, in the bush, on an island or somewhere else (and those in the rest of the world, you are just warming up to your big summer break).It is said that nearly 4,000 years ago the Babylonians starting celebrating New Years and universally it is this holiday that is documented as the first holiday in history.
In those days the concept of holidays most often originated around religious celebrations. The intention of the holiday was to create time for individuals to tend to their religious roots.
In modern times, you still find those very special days still but the word ‘holiday’ has taken on a complete different meaning.

The ways of the world were much smaller then.
People lived simple lives – less stress, less cosmopolitan and (research shows) more content.
Humans, of course, are never happy enough to enjoy that space and wanted more.
Thus crept in travel and exploration beyond their existing frontiers.
These wants brought about new schedules and demands, especially financially and time wise.
In the UK, only at the start of WW2 was legal working holiday implemented.
The environment needed it with the onslaught of the times.
Already then the change from the original intent of holiday was visible.

Today, HOLIDAY is almost the opposite.
The destination seems to be of the highest regard (look at Instagram, Facebook etc.).
The underlying need and purpose for most is nothing to do with a celebration, but instead a non-negotiable “coping” mechanism in your stressful world.

Back in the 30’s, understandably WW2 and the bleak uncertainty of the future made the need exceptionally relevant.
Today there is no World War.

Or did you create WW impacts in your daily life without knowing it?

Holidays from wants to needs.
The ‘want’ being a great cherry on top, whereas the ‘need’ is now a time you cannot live without.

How many times have your heard colleagues or friends say: “I can’t wait for the holidays?”
When last did you say: “If I don’t get a break, I’ll crack?”
How many of you are on a ‘catching up’ sabbatical?

Being employed means reactively managing work and stresses, and a big part of your decision making is limited to the limited time outside of work.
As human beings your biggest desire is to have the freedom to live the life you want.
The limitation to that means that holiday becomes an escape, a release and the way to hang in there.

What if you were to embrace ‘holiday’ on a daily, weekly and monthly basis?

What if you didn’t get the annual holiday and you were fine by it?

The question is how do you integrate everything that a holiday brings into your daily life today?

This requires a deep search into your being and treating that truth as a non-negotiable.
Most important is to create the discipline to follow through until these new actions become habits and autopilot for your daily life.

When you are able to with confidence say that you have arrived – think about how differently you will approach your real holiday.
Imagine your energy levels, your focus and your general state of being.
It can be the best holiday of your life.

Goal: December 2019.
Make it happen and keep me posted.

Happy holidays!

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