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Bragging is an important skill for your nonprofit staff and for organizations when describing your mission and impact. It’s all about appropriate ownership of your success.

Well, I’m going to take my own advice and brag for a moment. Here’s a wild story.

I got a phone call recently from a nonprofit leader who wanted to explore our fundraising consulting services. During the course of our chat, he told me that what I was suggesting sounded right because it was exactly what he had heard on a YouTube video by a fundraising expert.

As he continued to describe the YouTube video, I realized he was talking about me! He took a look on his computer and confirmed that, indeed, it was one of my talks on how to understand fundraising. (Actually, it is one of the most watched YouTube fundraising videos at 113,700 views. Watch it here.)

It was an amazing moment for me, and it feels good to brag about because I am confident that the skills I possess in fundraising are useful to many people and organizations.

So what does this have to do with you?

Your team should be taking time to own their successes – fundraising, program delivery, you name it – and you should encourage them to brag about their achievements. Take some time in your team meetings, share what you’ve done.

And, your nonprofit should brag about what it has achieved in serving your community. This one is a little more complex. Many organizations struggle to differentiate between activity and impact. Keep your brags focused on the impact you have had on your community, not so much on the activity your organization is doing.

Let the bragging begin. And please report back (brag) about your results!

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