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Hey Flobel Family!

Thanks so much for all of the wonderful feedback on Episode 1 of Still NY with Urbanist historian Ariel Viera. If you missed it you can catch it here.

This week we drop Episode 2 with very special guests: Phillip Golub and Marc Ribot of the Music Worker’s Alliance (MWA).



Join hosts Jana Bernard and Alex Alpert as they interview musicians Phillip Gollub and Marc Ribot about their roles in the Music Workers Alliance and the protest they staged in front of the Governor’s Mansion. They also discuss being NYC Arts Workers and the importance of solidarity and movement building as we rebuild our communities in the wake of Covid-19.

In other news, we had an amazing first virtual meet-up for the Flobel Film Collective. Our next meet-up is going to be August 18th 2PST/EST. To sign-up email:

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