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Did you know that 80 percent of older adults don’t get enough exercise? Our “Team Senior Planet” program at OATS is working to change that, helping seniors learn the technology and techniques of staying fit after 60. We’ve created a popular fitness program for Senior Planet members, but now we need your help.

Team Senior Planet can only grow and succeed if we have volunteer leaders who can serve as team captains — peers who can help encourage and support a small group of participants in exercising each week. Team captains need to have a passion for fitness and a desire to help others stay on track in meeting their exercise goals.

What we need from you:

  • Attend a team captain training session
  • Commit to helping a group (10-12 people) exercise at least twice a week for three months
  • Some groups will visit a gym together, while others will choose other fitness activities (walking, biking, jogging, etc.). The point is to engage in regular activity 2-3 times per week and do it as a group.
  • You need to attend all the weekly sessions (barring sickness, etc.)
  • You need to help collect information about people’s progress and share with OATS so we can track our results and improve the program

What you can count on from us:

  • We’ll help assemble your exercise group
  • Team captains get a Fitbit exercise tracker
  • We’ll train you in how to support your group and shape their fitness program
  • We will invite you to sessions (in person or via video call) to add to your knowledge of fitness, aging, and technology
  • You will be assigned an OATS coordinator to help with any issues you encounter
  • Team captains will be recognized at a group celebration every three months

Why you should do it!

  • Team Senior Planet captains are the key to our success in helping thousands of older adults get the exercise they need.  You will really be making a difference.
  • Captains will have a reason to keep up with their own exercise routine!
  • It’s fun and you are certain to make new friends.
  • Team Senior Planet is changing the way people think about aging by promoting an active and highly visible fitness initiative.

Learn more at the Team Senior Planet Open House on Thursday, November 7th at 3:00pm.

Questions?  Want to register? Contact Fiona Adams at or 917-446-2088.

Come help us launch a fitness revolution for older adults!

Stay tuned for an announcement about our new
Senior Planet Sponsored Athlete program!  
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