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This summer the Center for Creative Education (CCE) in Midtown Kingston will hold its annual Summer Arts and Education Enrichment Program, and we need your help.

The CCE Summer Arts & Education program will provide services to 80 students ages 4 to 13 this summer, and we already have 24 on the waitlist: 22 from the Kingston City School District, one from the Onteora School District, and one from the New Paltz School District. Of the 104 applications, 102 have requested the need for a scholarship. Most students qualify for scholarships based upon an income below the Federal Poverty Level, which also qualifies them for free school breakfast and lunch.

We are asking for your help to sponsor a child to attend CCE’s 8-week summer ARTS & EDUCATION program. We ask that you pay what you can $5, 10 or more.. Tuition for youth is $150 per week for 8 week program

Of the 104 students to be served and waitlist this year by CCE Arts & Education program, their self-reported demographic information is as follows:

  1. 30 African American students
  2. 19 Biracial students
  3. 29 Latino/Hispanic students
  4. 26 Caucasian students
  5. 48 male students
  6. 55 female students
  7. 1 non-binary student

Please donate or become a peer-fundraiser today to help this program become a reality!

In community and Solidarity,


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