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Has Coronavirus Infected Equity in Education? Millennials May Be the Vaccine?

The need to move education online without notice due to COVID-19 has made the distance between the haves and have nots more apparent.  Online access, network neutrality, and the ability to natively navigate the Internet are increasing socioeconomic disparity when it could, and ought to, be doing the exact opposite.

As we look ahead to transitioning back into classrooms, a hybrid system of education will be more critical than ever–not to mention that for many, “back to school” also means being able to have nutritious meals daily.

I believe that the nation that does the above most successfully will emerge as a global superpower. Perhaps not immediately, but almost certainly once today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders.

Incoming teachers and administrators are millennials who today excel over previous generations in two critical areas: integration of technology and advocacy for social justice.  Could they be the key to designing a truly 21st century education system?

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