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Dear friends and colleagues;

I’m really excited and happy to announce that a documentary I’ve co-produced, entitled “Harry Chapin: When in Doubt do Something” has been picked up for distribution by Greenwich Entertainment.
Greenwich recently released documentaries on Linda Ronstadt and the Laurel Canyon music scene entitled “Echos in the Canyon”. They also released “Free Solo” that won the Academy Award for best documentary in 2018.
While most of you might know Harry Chapin through his music, including his song “Cats in the Cradle”, lesser known was Harrys incredible story as an activist.
Harry co-founded the anti-hunger organization, WhyHunger, which since 1975 has helped feed tens of millions of families worldwide. Harry was also the main inspiration for USA for Africa and the song “We are the World”.
The trailer will be released later this summer and the film will be coming out in October.
And if you would like to do something, please donate to WhyHunger or The Harry Chapin food bank. 
Cheers and hope to see you all at the virtual premiere
Dan Halperin

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