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Happy Friday!
Here’s this week’s edition of..
The Friday Funnies
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My NYU class ends this Tuesday, and I will miss all my wonderful students. I’m so excited that another student, Claire, completed her screenplay! Kudos, Claire!

Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday because I get to see my boyfriend’s relatives. They live in rural Massachusetts, and being  close to nature is a wonderful change of pace. I hope that all of you writers have a rest for once and come back ready to work.

To assuage my guilt, about taking time off,  I do “research,” meaning I catch up on all the current films and series I’ve not had time to watch. I also watch Thanksgiving themed classics like the Turkey Episode of Everyone Loves Raymond andA Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

Also, I will do one writing exercise for all of my characters, and for myself before I leave town.

1. Set a timer for 10 minutes, then plan to reset for each question.

2. Interview your main character by “asking” the following questions and “answering” them as if you are your character, writing in the First – Person tense. Then answer them for yourself.

3. What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

4. What was your best Thanksgiving?

5. What was your worst Thanksgiving?

6. What would your perfect Thanksgiving be?

You’ll find out a lot about your characters, and yourself.

I wish you all a great holiday.

The newsletter will resume on December 6.

Here’s to your successful writing,

Professor Marilyn Horowitz

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Here’s to your successful writing,

Professor Marilyn Horowitz


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