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Holistic and Intuitive Life Coaching
Let’s Get to the Root Cause of Your Health Issues
Hello Dan Schneider,
Happy New Year to all of you! Let’s make it our best yet! Quality, not necessarily Quantity.
Many of you have been following my health and healing work. I’ve been steadily keeping up with the needs of people either in my area of South Florida or those who come from out of the state and even out of the country. This bi-monthly newsletter will give you some practical information and tips for learning a natural approach to taking care of yourselves and others as well. I promise to make it short and sweet! No one can afford to skip over learning about how to be healthier. And in the end it saves time when you are more fit and living pain-free!
I also know that many of you are very busy with work, family and friends and you could have a variety of constraints about doing a program, where you need to fly out, rent a car, a hotel etc., so… I’m also offering my Distance Coaching Program, which you can actually do from your own home. Without the hassle of airports, cars, packing and such…which does take up precious time, when you could be setting up your kitchen, delegating cooking to others and blocking out those few precious days with alone time and self-healing activities just for you. You already know the benefits of a cleanse, it’s just a bit difficult to get started. That’s where I come in.
Free Fasting E-Book
Detox…Here I Come
We all need to check up on our health, especially when we notice some aches and pains we have never noticed before. I know we can easily ignore the body’s way of giving you information.Having a high tolerance for pain is not a good quality. It tells me that you don’t care about yourself. It really isn’t a good idea to ignore the issues, since then you worsen the situation and it could possibly become an emergency.
This e-book below is going to teach you about the possibility of shifting your body, your mind and your spirit into another gear as you glide into the next phase of your life.
This free-ebook gives you a freedom to work on yourself. However, if you need my help. I have you covered. email Jill
Detox Programs
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January 2020 will bring new retreats and Distance Coaching opportunities to learn how YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF. Bring a friend and get 15% off your cost. You are worth it!!!
TMJ Release Work
If you are anywhere near South Florida and you have some definite issues with TMJ, you owe yourself a session or more with Jill Ayn Schneider, LMT, FL MA#9313. Certified.
All About Jill
Our daily lives are speeding up and sometimes we forget to consider the danger of having an accident from not completely being aware of this “speed”. It happens to the best and most conscious of us, but it’s really time to recognize the danger of moving too fast. It is not worth hurting yourself or someone else for that matter. Please be careful and stay grounded in the moment.
Let me help you end that behavior. Please go to Circle of Life’s Website for articles and information on Healing Yourself.
Jill Ayn Schneider, Director
Circle of Life Holistic Programs
(561) 945-4812


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