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A curated guide to the Hudson Valley’s best homes, restaurants, and events.

Arts & Culture

Holiday Event Roundup

Amidst snow flurries and twinkling lights, December arrives in all its glory to the Hudson Valley. Light up your holiday season with these events, ranging the gamut from a real life Polar Express experience to the Dutch-turned-Hudson Valley tradition of Sinterklaas.

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Philosophy is Everyone’s Subject

Starting in January, the School of Practical Philosophy—known for its participatory courses on topics like self-discovery and mindfulness—will offer its introductory course at the Howland Cultural Center in Beacon and its Upstate base in Wallkill for free. For 10 weeks, unpack core concepts from history’s greatest thinkers through open-minded style of the Socratic dialectical method.

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Gift Guide


Gear Picks

Did your cousin get really into rock climbing this year? Or maybe your wife is an avid cyclist. Whether you are a diehard outdoor adventurer yourself or more of a couch potato cheerleader, these gear picks from local outfitters will have you gifting in total confidence.Read more »


Book Picks

Shopping for a bookworm this holiday season? Browsing the aisles for a timely, sensible book can be daunting, but we’ve got you covered. We asked local bookstore owners to give us their literary pick of the year, and we threw in a few of our own as well. 😉Read more »


Estate Planning—It’s Not Just for Zillionaires

“Estate planning” conjures up the image of a Rolls Royce gliding up the driveway of a mansion straight out of The Great Gatsby (or, more topically, “Schitt’s Creek”). But its antiquated, ostentatious name doesn’t make it any less relevant to the average Joe—even if he’s a 30-something still paying off his student loans or a single parent whose paycheck immediately disappears into a pile of expenses. Because dying sucks, and we should all endeavor to do it with the most grace possible (and that includes the legacy we leave behind), we’ve rounded up four reasons you should consider estate planning at any age or income level.

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