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Patricia Eltinge’s
Know Your Dreams!
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Premiere:This Wednesday, February 10th
(and Every Wednesday Night Thereafter)
from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM (PST)
Call-in Number: 1-844-98-NIGHT
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Strange, Scary, Disturbing, Recurring Dreams?
Find out the meaning of your dreams!
The messages from your dreams can help you!
“All dreams wish us well!” –  Patricia Eltinge
During the pandemic, the fears and anxieties that we feel are being played out in sometimes scary or confusing dreams. Learn from Patricia that your disturbing dreams also contain positive messages that can be decoded to better understand troubling personal relationships, and business or professional issues. Get insights from your own subconscious for greater growth and happiness. Once the revealing and beneficial aspects of dreams are understood, we can start to take really positive directions in our waking lives.
A dream not interpreted is like a letter unopened. – The Talmud
Author/Dream Analyst Patricia Eltinge explains how to capture your dreams, and what dream symbols represent, as well as how to use dreams to provide you with deeper insights into your daily life during these difficult times.
Patricia Eltinge is an author, renowned dream reader, and a Transactional Analyst. For more than 26 years, Patricia has been the personal dream consultant to business leaders and celebrities worldwide, as well as to everyday folks. Using dream work to help herselfovercome early childhood trauma, Patricia learned to provide personal life guidance for growth and transformation to others through her unique gifts of dream interpretation. Patricia is also a longtime leader of dream training workshops and she has appeared on numerous national TV/Radio shows. Patricia lives in Los Angeles, and is also a holistic health expert and a medical advocate.
The Dream Class: Know Your Dreams, Know Yourself!
by Patricia Eltinge
Available on Amazon:
The Dream Class: Know Your Dreams. Know Yourself! is the summation of Patricia Eltinge’s more than 25 years of work on new avenues to dream analysis. All of us dream, and the process of capturing our dreams and looking deeply at dream symbols for their important meanings is of great benefit to anyone interested in their own unconscious. Dreams are a wonderful source of personal information that is available to all of us from these other dimensions that are useful in our daily lives for personal growth and transformation. The Dream Class provides easy yet profound methods to help individuals delve into the revelations that are afforded to us through our dreams. [Contains 22 original photographs by the author.]
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