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Friends and Advisors

Hope you are staying safe and thriving despite the current situation.

If anyone needs masks or help with anything, please reach out to us and we will try to help you.

It’s OK not be to OK given the current reality. But together/apart we can all get through this as a community.

We have excellent therapists within our community who are doing weekly groups for as little as $20 an hour (with scholarships available) as well as private sessions by phone or zoom.

We welcome our new advisors to our growing community of creative entrepreneurs:

We had our 4th of 5 webinars on “A Green Future: Race: Gender: Environment” with renowned guests Gina Belafonte and Sister Ardeth Platte. I want to thank our inspiring guests and all who participated. The video of this class , and all prior classes, will soon be posted on our website at: next distance learning course will be Tuesday 8/4/20 with Lyla June Johnston and J. Drew Lanham . . It will again be led by advisors Dr. Heidi Hutner and Dennis Yerry .

Reserve your FREE tickets here:

We have also posted some leading NGO’s on Climate Change to support as a “Call to Action” for the series. Please join our mailing list an follow same . See:

Our new virtual art gallery is up on our main website. Our latest artist is Milo Hess. He has a current photo in front of the Museum of the City of New York. See:

Our last online series called. “College Life to Real Life” as led by advisor Debra Cooper . You can watch the series on demand here:

· Part 1:

· Part 2:

· Part 3:

· Part 4:

Thanks to Debra for helping us organize our new volunteer social media squad, The Mad Women. For a recent story of their origin, see:

Our Virtual First Monday’s Variety Chat Show premiered on Monday 7/6/20 . It was pre-taped and featured advisors Cory Kahaney , Nicole Johnson, Brence Platner, Tony Daniels and Cassandra Kubinski , and advisor Nicole Javanna Johnson with advisor Tony Travis as the MC and advisor Erickson Jaquez as the Director/Editor.

We are doing a new version of it live on Monday 8/3/20 from 7-9 PM ET at our next virtual First Mondays (See flyer attached).

Advisor Nicole Javanna Johnson will be featured and interviewed live. We also have a special guest, including advisor Malek Amrani, founder of Vice Wines ( , who will be giving a free wine class on “Rose” wines.

Malek will discuss his special small batch Napa Valley wines and will give us a 20% discount code on cases for September. Please come for some comic relief and social interaction. You may also learn about wine . Please email me if you would like a special Zoom link .

We are planning 2 special, virtual events for August: 1) a Mad Women Tea on 8/11 (discussing our new Social Media Team) and 2) a Women Who Lunch 2.0 on 8/19. The theme for the WWL 2.0 is “Asset Protection” and we plan to have a special speaker in between breakout/networking rooms. We will have a speaker for 10 minutes, then a breakout room , then Q&A of the speaker, then another 20 minute breakout room. There will be lots of time for networking and interactive discussions.

The event will be co-hosted by advisors Rivka Rivera and Jessica Baker. Please email : if you wish to apply for either the Mad Women Tea or the WWL 2.0.  Limited space is available for each and we’d like to get your bios asap so we can include them in the programs.

Obviously the horror could never be eliminated in this plague,” said Jack Kupferman, president of the Gray Panthers NYC, which advocates for seniors in New York. “However, the damage would have been more limited if, at an earlier stage, there were enough tests, if there were proper staffing, if there was proper infection control, and if there had been proper regulation from the federal and state [level].”

Instead, long-term care facilities have been steadily deregulated under the Trump administration. When COVID-19 hit the industry, many facilities were chronically understaffed and faced deep shortages of protective equipment. The death toll is a measure of the social infrastructure’s decades of neglect of the aging, according to Kupferman. “These are people who are invisible. They don’t speak up, and yet they’re the most vulnerable. So their voice is limited,” he said.

If anyone needs masks (KN95’s or fashion) please reach out to advisor Lucy Swenson. ( ) . She can get them for you wholesale and can do fulfillment from Woodstock. She and Erin can also design amazing logos for businesses “.

Please support our 1,000 plus advisors and their good works, some of which are listed in the “community news” below.

Finally , we are still developing a social media campaign to promote Voting By Mail . It’s called #DontKillGrandma . Please email me if you’d like to volunteer.

Stay safe , stay strong and keep the faith!!

Namaste from 6 feet away,

Dan Schneider


Executive Director,

The Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation

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