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The 2020 Woodstock Film Festival is 1 week away! Included below are some standouts from this year’s program of feature length films, shorts, and panels. Tickets & passes for our drive-in and online programs are on sale now. Purchase them by clicking the button below.


Festival Kickoff & World Premiere


Marcia Jarmel & Ken Schneider’s


September 30th @ 7pm EST

Double Feature with Alex Huston Fischer

& Eleanor Wilson’s SAVE YOURSELVES


10700 New York Highway 32, Greenville, NY 12083

LOS HERMANOS / THE BROTHERS is a love story between siblings separated by enemy nations, yet united by their love of music. Placed squarely at the nexus of music, culture and politics, virtuosic Cuban musicians Aldo and Ilmar share a dream of playing together after thirty years of living apart in vastly different worlds.

Violinist Ilmar is sent to study in Moscow at age 14, when Aldo is still a young boy. His diligence ultimately earns him a middle-class New York life and seven months a year on the road, performing with his Grammy-winning Harlem Quartet. Pianist Aldo is able to study in London before returning to his homeland, where the musician/composer faces the challenges of life on the island—poor infrastructure, a weak economy, and the daily frustrations stemming from the U.S. embargo. All the while the brothers stay in touch with the hope of somehow, some day reuniting. Building bridges rather than walls.

Historic changes during the Obama era makes it possible for them to collaborate in the States, traveling together on a tour that culminates when famed violinist Joshua Bell invites Aldo to play at Lincoln Center. More than simply a musical excursion or the personal story of the impact of the U.S. Cuban policy, LOS HERMANOS / THE BROTHERS uses the shared language of music and the bond between brothers to illuminate the complex tradeoffs between two cultures in counterpoint. The love between Aldo and Ilmar, coupled with the intimacy of life in Cuba, the spirit of the people, stunning cinematography, and electrifying musical performances make this a film you won’t want to miss; indeed, you won’t want this film to end!

– Barbara Pokras ACE


Tickets are $25 per person for the two films. One car limit per order.

East Coast Premiere:


September 30th @ 7:00pm EST

Double Feature with Miguel Silveira’s AMERICAN THIEF


126 De Garmo Rd, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

    THE HUMAN FACTOR, a new film by Dror Moreh, Academy Award-nominated director of THE GATEKEEPERS, revisits three decades of an Israeli-Arab peace process from a unique perspective: that of the American mediators – the peacemakers who shuttled between Middle East capitals, spending hours with the region’s political heavyweights, including prime ministers, generals, ex-terrorists, diplomats, dictators, and presidents, gaining intimate knowledge of the individuals and stories that dominated daily news around the world. For all those key figures – some working on the same issue for almost three decades – peace in the Middle East became a personal obsession, a mission that shaped their professional career, affected their personal lives, and still occupies their minds.

Tickets are $25 per person for the two films. One car limit per order.

Doors open at 6:00pm. First film starts at 7:00pm. Second film starts at 9:30pm.

New York Premiere:

Jessica Earnshaw’s JACINTA

October 1st @ 7:00pm EST

Double Feature with the US Premiere of

Sabrina Doyle’s LORELEI


10700 New York Highway 32, Greenville, NY 12083

    Filmed for over three years, JACINTA begins at the Maine Correctional Center where Jacinta, 26, and her mother Rosemary, 46, are incarcerated together, both recovering from drug addiction. As a child, Jacinta became entangled in her mother’s world of drugs and crime and has followed her in and out of the system since she was a teenager. This time, as Jacinta is released from prison, she hopes to maintain her sobriety and reconnect with her own daughter, Caylynn, 10, who lives with her paternal grandparents. Despite her desire to rebuild her life for her daughter, Jacinta continually struggles against the forces that first led to her addiction. With unparalleled access and a gripping vérité approach, director Jessica Earnshaw paints a deeply intimate portrait of mothers and daughters and the effects of trauma over generations.

Tickets are $25 per person for the two films. One car limit per order.

Doors open at 6:00pm. First film starts at 7:00pm. Second film starts at 9:30pm.


East Coast Premiere:

Wendy Sachs & Hannah R. Rosenzweig’s SURGE

Available to stream online

starting Wednesday, September 30th

until Sunday, October 4th

What does it take to crack the glass ceiling in Washington? If you’re female – grit, determination, and, as evidenced by the grueling 2018 campaigns for U.S. Congress, a willingness to fight for a seat at the table. Too long dominated by privileged white men, Washington is experiencing a surge of women running to make a difference. Upbeat, energetic, thirty-one-year-old public health expert Lauren Underwood recognizes we are on the verge of a generational shift. “No one invited us to this table,” says Lauren, “No one!” Former journalist Jana Sanchez of Texas woke up on Nov. 9 knowing she had to run. Liz Watson, worker rights advocate and attorney, could no longer accept the status quo. With cameos by top tier Democratic candidates, SURGE is an inspiring reminder that sisterhood is powerful. The “pink wave” surging across America just might be the perfect antidote to shore up our fragile democracy.

— Barbara Pokras, ACE


State of Distribution

Livestreaming online September 30th @ 2pm EST

& available to watch on demand until October 4th

Movie theaters have been declared dead many times throughout history. Television and then home video, among many other threats, somehow never did kill them off. Even prior to the pandemic, pundits were speculating on the health of the theatrical film business due to the rise of streaming services. Now, with audiences hunkered down in their living rooms, there is open discussion once again about whether theaters can survive. Yet, the re-opening of European and Asian cinemas, alongside limited openings in some regions of the United States, have indicated exactly the opposite. Box office has been stronger than expected, adding fuel to the argument that when it feels safe, audiences will be craving the collective experience that can only be had in a public venue. Our panel of experts will attempt to answer some of the pressing issues facing the film business in 2020. How will the business change in light of all the forces facing it? Will audiences return who have become used to streaming all manner of content at home? Will the major studios adapt differently from smaller independents and what might that mean for the availability of a wide range of films? Are distributors abandoning or undermining theaters by embracing the streaming model? What are theaters doing to survive the pandemic? This is destined to be a freewheeling and provocative discussion.

This talk will be moderated by Eugene Hernandez, Director of the New York Film Festival and Publisher of Film Comment at Film at Lincoln Center where he serves as Deputy Executive Director, in conversation with producer & distributor Ira Deutchman (NICKEL & DIMED, SEARCHING FOR MR. RUGOFF, STRAIGHT OUT OF BROOKLYN), Wendy Lidell, Sr. VP, Theatrical/Nontheatrical Distribution & Acquisition at Kino Lorber Inc., Steve Leiber, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Upstate Films, and Connie White, President of Balcony Booking.

Documentary Shorts Program:


Available to stream online

starting Wednesday, September 30th

until Sunday, October 4th

“Well-crafted artful documentaries that share intimate portraits of lives in struggle, sacrifice, and experimentation.”


—Amanda Naseem, Shorts Programmer

ONE WEEK by Danny Gold

It’s almost a miracle Errol Isom has managed to survive this long without being locked up or killed. It’s not an easy feat in St. Louis, which for the last five years has had the highest murder rate for any big city in America. The 29-year-old did his best to avoid the cycle of violence and incarceration that claimed so many of his friends and family (including his father), especially after the birth of his oldest son. But Errol got caught up in the drug game in 2018. Facing 20 years, he accepted a plea deal. This film is an intimate look at the last week before his sentencing. Errol must reconcile with himself and his mother as he spends his last few days with his two young sons trying to figure out what he can do when he gets out to give them a better chance.

FLOWER PUNK by Alison Klayman

Japanese artist Azuma Makoto has sent his floral sculptures into space and sunk them to the bottom of the ocean, but most of the time, he thinks about the life and death of flowers.


In 1998, filmmaker Barbara Hammer had an artist residency in a shack without running water or electricity. While there, she shot film, recorded sounds and kept a journal. In 2018, Barbara began her own process of dying by revisiting her personal archive. She gave all of her images, sounds and writing from the residency to filmmaker Lynne Sachs and invited her to make a film with the material. Through her own filmmaking, Lynne explores Barbara’s experience of solitude. She places text on the screen as a confrontation with a somatic cinema that brings us all together in multiple spaces and times.

THE HEART STILL HUMS by Savanah Leaf & Taylor Russell

A documentary short following five women as they fight for their children through the cycle of homelessness, drug addictions and neglect from their own parents. Unique, yet undoubtedly familiar to many; a story on fear, sacrifice and the unconditional love between a mother and her children.



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