Third Salon of the Mendez SOHO Spring Series

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  • Sunday | May 15, 2016
  • 3:00 pm

Mendez SoHo, Soho Strut and The Florence Belsky Foundation are delighted to invite you to our Third Salon of the Spring Series!

Mendez SoHo,  Soho Strut and The Florence Belsky I Can Still Do That Foundation are delighted to invite you to our Third Salon of the Spring  Series. The guest of honor on Sunday, May 15 is Paul Carluccio (, an artist, playwright and filmmaker who uses the everyday sights, sounds and objects encountered in his native New York to inspire his paintings and recent sculptural adaptations.  Paul will be available from 3-5PM for Q&A and one-on-one interaction with Salon attendees.

You can learn more about Paul in this short video

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Paul Carluccio 

Artist’s Statement 2016

My mother, a painter, encouraged my creativity at a young age. While her initial motive might have been to keep her youngest of five kids out of trouble, something extra developed: I began to see things differently. I have worked in different mediums –photography, filmmaking, writing, and painting–and years ago I decided to focus my creativity toward painting, embracing the joy I feel when I work with my hands.

I started to paint outdoors on the sidewalks using the lines to create landscape paintings. It was not long before I fell in love with manhole covers and I have been painting them for the last fifteen years. At some point I realized I was just taking what I loved from other mediums I had explored–my love of composition, color, story telling and most of all my love for people–and integrated them into one. Thus as I transform these historical shapes, I am able to exercise the black and white style of Photography that I have been doing since age ten; the colors and lines I enjoyed while studying Art History in Europe; and the narrative structure I learned at NYC Film School.

Mix that all in a bowl with an eventful life and you have me on my knees in the streets of New York City, painting and sharing stories with all kinds of people.  Sometimes I’m out there painting and I will hear a voice of a passerby saying, “Wow! I’ve been walking over manhole covers for years and never looked at them that way.”  Then, I think, maybe what I do will help people realize there are always different ways to look at something. I guess if I do that, I’ve done my job as an Artist.




The first Salon of the Spring Season featured Emily Fuller (, a landscape painter and multi-media collage artist who lives and works in New York City and upstate New York.  Here’s a link to the YouTube video of Emily’s talk:


The second Salon of the Spring Season featured Sara Garden Armstrong (, an installation artist, sculptor and print maker who discussed recent site-specific sculpture transforming scientific concepts into art.


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About the Program Sponsors:

Mendez SoHo maintains a website and loft venue celebrating the creative legacy of Louis Mendez, artist, educator and bon vivant.  The Mendez SoHo Salon Series has been launched to feature selected artists and collectors who will lead lively and informative conversations focusing on their medium, technique, motivation and inspiration.   For further information, visit


Soho Strut provides a direct line for business owners in SoHo to talk to each other, work with each other, and ultimately strengthen their businesses. New York can sometimes feel big and impersonal, which is why as the city continues to expand and grow it’s critical that there are networks in place to help neighborhoods maintain their unique community feel.  For more information, visit


The Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation, I Can Still Do That supports the arts through donations and charitable events. I Can Still Do That is the Foundation’s media generating arm, producing media projects and educational webinars with an emphasis on individuals in transition and intergenerational mentoring.  Florence Belsky founded the Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation during her lifetime. She was a firm believer in the power of networking and mentoring and the Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation continues to carry on that legacy.  For further information visit