Blissful Cabin Retreat – Looking for Volunteers in the Catskills

Event details

  • Friday | September 4, 2015
  • 12:00 am
  • The Awakening Garden, NY

Hello to all you beautiful people,

It is my honor to help spread the word to the community looking for drummers, dancers, yoga teachers, healers, entertainers, nurses, and volunteers to help an amazing group of children that will camping out labor day weekend- they are beautiful, full of love and life, they are also handicapped children from the bronx coming to visit our hamlet.
They want to share their joy with us. So if you have time to come out and play with these amazing kids- you will never forget the heart opening you will receive- please spread the word to anyone that might want to join in, donate some food, time, talent or just some down home fun!

Blessing to you all and if i haven’t been in touch in a while, i am sorry, but sometimes i forget what is most important in life and i just work round the clock!  but i will be there next weekend and hope to see you!


Martha Gold-Dvoryadkin, DPT, CYT


Pediatric Physical Therapist

Executive Director & Co-Founder of Blissful Bedrooms


and Room Designer, Project Planner, 




Volunteer/Recipient Coordinator, Dedicated Volunteer, etc., etc., etc.




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