Ambitious Women: How We Define Success and Create the Future We Desire

Event details

  • Thursday | October 17, 2019
  • 5:30 pm
  • Hidden City Loft, NYC 136 E. 24th Street 2nd floor New York, NY 10010

For many, it involves a variation of family, money, love, career, title, a personal mix of life’s challenges and rewards. For others, it’s a grander, more enlightened desire to develop the future of community, family, and peace that creates the world that we want to live in right now and establishes the inspirational legacy that we want to leave behind.

Dani Hughes & Valerie Sanchez created Divine Asset Management as an independent, holistic, women-owned firm with a dedicated and personalized approach to building your empire. We invite you to join us for a special event that will bring together leaders from across various fields and professions to define our shared terms of success, challenge ourselves with plans to achieve our goals, and create the future so that we can begin to live it today.

Our panel of powerhouse women leaders includes:

Marianne MacKenzie – Business, Leadership & Lifestyle Master Coach & Teacher. Sharing about why she is passionate about empowering the courageous to live their own version of a Radically Engaged Lifestyle™ trading in the have-to-do’s for meaningful choices, becoming masters at navigating obstacles and enjoying the imperfection of our beautiful, and often messy lives.

Heidi Moore – Digital Media Advisor consulting media companies and startups on journalism. Heidi launched the business and personal finance sections for the Guardian in the United States, was New York bureau chief for Marketplace Radio and a reporter at the Wall Street Journal covering investment banks during the global financial crisis. As an experienced journalist, former editor in chief and co-founder of Ladders, the first publication dedicated to careers and the future of work, Heidi shares what it takes to create success on your own terms.

Valerie Sanchez – Co-Founder of Divine Asset Management and Co-Creator of Divine WealthWise & Financial Wellness Warrior shares how she guides women to emotionally connect with their financial desires, understand their money story, and drop the shame and blame in order to work on the best path to manifest our financial and professional goals.

Naketa Thigpen MSS, LCSW – unapologetic CEO of ThigPro Balance and Relationship Management InstituteAuthor, Transformative Empowerment Speaker, Balance & Relationship Advisor sharing how she works with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders focused on amplifying the intimacy in their relationships so they can have the freedom, flexibility, and confidence to THRIVE in work/life (and LOVE).

Moderated by the amazing Danielle Hughes Co-Founder of Divine Asset Management & Co-Creator of Divine WealthWise. Dani will also share how her ability to connect women is one of her superpowers and share some of her financial expertise and unparalleled wit!

We’ll enjoy networking, wine and delicious appetizers at Hidden City Loft, event space 1, in Chelsea, NYC.


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