Ageless Wonders: A Grown up kids Guide to realizing we are NEW

Event details

  • Sunday | November 3, 2019
  • 3:00 am
  • 158 West 72nd Street, New York City

Award winning one woman show about being an older woman, ageism, yet we are in truth all ageless wonders. Written and developed by Mindy Fradkin & Jessica Lynn Johnson, Best National Solo Artist.
Droll and deadpan storytelling, musical interludes about the healing power of a smile, interactive hat parade, videos and pictures. Best Costume Design and Best Seller on Theatre Row in 2018 at the biggest international solo festival, United Solo.
Pete Seeger, folk icon/activist said, “Don’t just listen to Princess Wow also look at her.”
“ We all worry about getting older, but Mindy’s show, “Ageless Wonders”, takes away the fear. She tells her story with wonderful graphics and costumes. The show is authentic, heartfelt and funny.” Jane Applegate, film producer/talent manager
“Ageless Wonders” is like visiting an extravagant, colorful friend for tea. Expect laughs.”