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Keeping healthy and mobile is important as we live longer. To help inform your exercise routine, we’ve pulled together five of our latest and best stories on a variety of effective fitness methods for cardiovascular health and muscle strengthening. And we’ve collected advice and recommendations from you, our readers.

We hope these stories and tips will inspire you to get up and get moving!

If physical fitness is on your radar at all, you’ve likely heard of high-intensity interval training — HIIT, for short. This popular workout format has become a mainstay in gyms and fitness studios over the past several years for good reason: The benefits are numerous, and well-documented in the scientific literature.

Reader Tip No. 1: “I weight lift at least three days a week. I love feeling strong. I walk at a brisk pace almost every day, often running some. When weather is nice, I have been exploring hiking trails near me. I feel so energized and well when I am active at the gym or outside.”

Sue Potter Tremblay

Why dance, swing kettlebells, ride bikes or practice yoga in water? Fans of traditional water aerobics classes already know the resistance of the water ramps up the intensity of your workout while providing a low-impact experience that cushions joints, builds core muscles and improves flexibility, stability and balance.

Reader Tip No. 2: “Working with a personal trainer who specializes in seniors and provides me with a monthly training plan with daily routines to remind me I need to be active on a daily basis. I also take advantage of the Silver Sneakers membership provided by my Medicare Advantage plan, which allows me access to fitness centers when I’m traveling.”

Mark Bertler

Strength training as you age is instrumental in maintaining independence, optimizing bone density, improving your balance and keeping you doing all the activities you love.
Reader Tip No. 3: “I keep a delightful small dog who is convinced she deserves to be walked twice daily. She’s a great motivation, since I’ll walk her when I wouldn’t walk me. I also take a weekly tai chi class and try to get to the gym for some strength training at least once a week. Must be working. I recently had a heart catherization and the doctor said I have the cleanest heart he’s ever seen in an adult over thirty.”

Louise A. Jackson 

In CrossFit, participants perform functional exercises, meaning strengthening and aerobic activities that train and develop muscles to perform everyday tasks.
Reader Tip No. 4: “I take advantage of a Y membership through Silver Sneakers [a free fitness plan offered by some insurers]. I do aerobics three times a week and weight training three times a week. Taking stairs and walking once a day round things out. As for diet, I try to think before I eat and eat a “colorful” and varied diet.”

Salli Clysdale

There are a lot of great reasons to set up a home gym. Maybe you’re tired of schlepping to the local fitness center or maybe you hate wasting time waiting for people to get off the exercise machines you want to use. Whatever the reason, if you’re ready to set up a home gym but don’t know where to start, we share expert advice on how to create one that works well for you.

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