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Alice Rebekah Fraser posted

Today! Day one. Or pre-day one. Two days pre-day one!

Technically the fringe sort of hasn’t started yet but it totally has, with everyone doing tech runs and previews.

The streets are only starting to get rammed full of people, though, so it’s still possible to walk around at a human pace without having to leap over student theatre troupes. They often do a thing where they lie on the ground and offer you fliers, which is an admirable efficiency in energy usage and a bastard to navigate.

I spent the day working on a cool projection that I’m thinking of running behind my show with the Greek myths that I don’t explicitly mention but which inform some of the stories in the show. The idea (which woke me up at 3am this morning) is that some people will be disappointed that I’m not talking enough about Greek mythology and instead am talking about stories and lies in a sneaky expansion of the definition of Mythos away from its most common usage.

Then ten minutes before the show I decided it would be too complicated to figure out the cues while dusting the dust off the show and learning the space of the room.

I did my first preview show to a lovely audience. Maybe tomorrow I will do the fancy projection. Maybe I’ll find out it doesn’t work because it draws focus away from me and onto the screen. This is what previews are for. Figuring this stuff out.

I am very tired. I can’t wait for the fringe to start.


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