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What a year…

Wishing you and your community a much better year in 2021!

The Heller Group team has put together our most popular and insightlful blog articles below – “Heller’s Greatest Hits.”

Enjoy, learn, breathe… repeat.

Let’s keep in touch in 2021.

Best wishes for the New Year,


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Fundraising & 1929 Great Depression

We all get nervous during hard economic times but fundraising can often still be robust.

Fundraising & Pop Culture:
Spock at a Gala

Spock and Kirk brilliantly sum up how to best think about your gala guests.

Is Your Feasibility Study Terrible?

Most likely your Feasibility Study is terrible! Sorry to be the one to tell you so.

How to Handle “No” from a Nonprofit Donor: Fundraising Skills I Learned in my Opera Career

Who would think there are lessons from a career in opera that apply to fundraising?

Anna Karenina and Capital Campaigns

What did Leo Tolstoy know about fundraising?

Outrageous Fortune #1 Miracle Success

What’s Gary Friedmann’s most outrageous fundraising story?



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