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As I sit back and reflect on this past year of 2021, I think of waking up every day and being blessed that I am living my passion.

Every day, I get to engage with wonderful young adults who sought me out at Your Career Design Lab. I am honored by their trust in having me coach them through and on their journey.

I just read this article in the Washington Post, entitled: Gen Z most stressed by Coronavirus, citing pandemic toll on careers, education, and relationships, poll says.

Despite the poll’s results, I believe in being realistic. The young adults that came to me with their energy, passion, and desire to better their lives all came because they wanted to believe in themselves, believe in their worth, and most importantly wanted to bring that value to the world.

They ALL accomplished their objectives and goals. Many if not most of them found their passion through my TA-DA list. We excavated their passion and then discussed all the possibilities of where they could go, now that they knew who they were and what they wanted to bring.

Here are a few of my personal highlights this year with some lessons for you.

Drew, an 18-year-old man on his way to becoming a rap star.

This year I had the unbelievable fortune to work with this 18-year-old young man on his journey to becoming a rap star. I met Drew through his manager.

Drew’s talent was undeniable, yet it was in one of the most competitive and challenging industries.

Through our journey together we came up with some amazing stories he could tell both on stage and off. Most importantly, he let go of some of his limiting beliefs and people-pleasing attributes and started seeing what he was worth even down to allowing his grandmother to buy him something for Hanukah.

Drew is a deeply sensitive individual who has dealt with a series of strong emotions that kept him from embodying his true self. During our sessions, we were able to unveil and get rip off the things holding him back.

Drew’s music and lyrics are devoted to giving rap a new rap, by allowing his listeners in on his deepest thoughts and his ability to be relatable. He became your next-door neighbor guy who you can invite over and just talk.

Drew wants to let other 18-year-old young men know that it is OK to be vulnerable, to be sensitive, to be kind and that you don’t need to be a d*ck, you can be decent.

Through our sessions, his confidence level started shooting through the roof, and now Drew is I’m Dru! Check him out on Spotify – his top-listed song has a quarter-million downloads, and this is just the beginning.

I’m sure you’ll hear more of Drew in the future.

Your stories will help you connect… everywhere.

I loved meeting Susan and Dave, two ambitious young people who joined me at The Dream Career Formula, my 6-week group career coaching.

Together, we excavated their stories. Susan was so transparent. We used her background in her story as she interviewed for a position with an Insurance company. Her story landed her the job.

Later on, Susan admitted it even helped with her speaking with Dave’s parents as they were dating. She felt less anxious and by knowing her story she was able to share more of herself to those who wanted to know more about her.

Now she knew how to converse and felt more confident in letting people get to know her. Only because SHE knew who she was.

While the Washington Post and other news outlets expose the doom and gloom of what Covid has created. For the young people that I have had the privilege to work with, I would say, finding yourself and who you are is key to alleviating many of the anxieties and nervousness that anyone can feel when they are readying for an interview.

The world has changed and those who are playing it the old way are really not in the game. But the ones that do batter up, hit home runs and are landing their dream career. It is not for a selected few, it is for anyone that believes they deserve to wake up every morning and love what they do.

I just wanted to express my eternal gratitude for all the amazing and wonderful students, colleagues, colleges, and universities I have had the privilege of speaking at and working with.

Finding your passion and putting it into your pursuits is my passion. I am honored to help today’s young adults and guide them to their professions.  

Make 2022 your year to write your story, write a new chapter or begin a whole new book by changing your profession.

Make 2022 a year to follow your passion and find the joy of waking up every morning loving what you are meant to be in do in your life.

Discovering your path may seem challenging, but once you find it, you will encounter a beautiful journey that knows no bounds and the freedom to follow your passion is truly a beautiful thing.

Debra Olshan Cooper,

(917) 847-8035

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