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Friends and advisors:

As we enter the beginning of the holiday season and the end of 2019, I want to thank you all for helping us grow our community of creative entrepreneurs and to all who contributed to our programs this past year: First Mondays; Women Who Lunch; Pick 3; and the Silver Fox Club/Senior Business Directory.

Unlike many 501c3 non-profits, we are not looking for your end-of-year donations. We value participation and time more than money. (Besides, we are a private foundation and your donations would be limited to 30% of AGI, as opposed to 50% for donations to most public charities).

The past 400 years has seen unfettered development, both in our country and the world, which has created an unprecedented environmental and existential crisis. There is a vast consensus amongst scientists and the world leaders that unless we turn around our wasteful and irrational overproduction and consumption practices in the next 10-15 years, human existence on earth may not survive another 100 years.

With that in mind, we are organizing a big event in NY on 7/24/20 in Central Park and we are asking for help from our now 1,000 plus global advisors in all fields. The Sustainable NY Festival.

Please support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Please register on our new website and  our new LinkedIN Group and for more info on our upcoming 7/24/20 Sustainable NY Festival .


We will be celebrating the kickoff of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, where the theme will be Sustainability” and will have some Japanese advisors and exhibitors.  We are looking for co-sponsors , artists, vendors, volunteers, ideas, and suggestions. It’s time to “put your money where your mouth is”, or as we say in NYC, “put up or shut up”.

The future of our children and our planet is at stake.

In unity and with thanks,

Keep swinging, stay foxy and keep our planet foxy,

Dan Schneider
Executive Director,
The Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation


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