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Fellow advisors:

Two weeks ago, I received a phone call from a government bureaucrat, an attorney in charge of investigation complaints about conflicts of interests by government officials and former government officials. A client of mine had filed a complaint about a former government official with an obvious current conflict of interest, and I was supplementing the complaint with what I thought were useful facts. Instead of thanking me, she said, “you know I have 1,000 cases and I just don’t have time to read all the emails you send me. So please stop sending me any more emails.”

Last week I met a person who had the opposite attitude and who renewed my belief in the American worker. The person I met was a professional who, along with his father, runs a small family auto repair business. They have been taking care of my wife Charlotte’s car for years and do it with pride and love. Last time they fixed a problem, they hardly charged us. They took whatever time they needed to find the cause and fix it. Today I went, and again, without charge, they gave me sound advice. As I was leaving, I thanked the son and he replied, “That’s my job”. How refreshing, someone in 2019 who still has pride in his work; who is motivated by providing excellent service to his clients, and not just churning dollars for the company.

With all the hoopla about social responsibility and branding these days, how about “branding” your company as a company that has pride in it’s work and puts clients above revenue? Obviously, the company has to make money to remain viable and be successful, but if your focus is on quality and service, I would assert that “the money will follow”.

And now a few timely messages:

1) We have a First Mondays/NYC planned for Monday, October 7th from 6-9 PM at GossipBar (733 Ninth Ave, NYC). It is free and we have special guests from Japan and free tastings of Brooklyn Beer (in honor of OctoberFest). For more information, See: insert hotlink

2) Our new website: is up and running in Beta form. If you are interested in joining and have a specific expertise to “sell”, please PM.

3) Congratulations to advisor Nicole Javanna Johnson, editor of our Nectar News, for the 10th anniversary of her Her recent Gala at PPAS HS brought together some wonderful partners from the educational community that she is building. Please support her efforts in creating a new paradigm for progressive public education in the USA.

4) Thanks to advisor Lelehnia DuBois and her friends in the Humboldt County for helping us make the new music video from Tom Pacheco’s classic song “Freida’s Secret Garden”. You can see the new video below in a sneak peak. Please share it with friends. We are trying to help Tom get the recognition he deserves as a legendary singer/songwriter, who has written songs for Bob Dylan, The Band, Jefferson Starship, and others, he has a music publishing catalogue of more than 500 songs. “Freida’s” is just one of many great ones. See the new video here:

5) Finally, if you have some good news or a cool event coming, you can now post it directly on our new website:


Have a great back to school/back to shul September.

Keep swinging and stay foxy,


Dan Schneider

Executive Director,

The Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation

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