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Dear Friends and Advisors:

Happy Labor Day !!! In the new Gig Economy , where online platforms and apps have created a “Race to the bottom” competition amongst American workers, it is important to remember that our nation was built on the backs of workers and immigrants.  We need to organize our new labor force to level the playing field and permit competition for the best and the brightest workers, even if they are older, wiser workers who might otherwise be pushed out of the labor force because of unprecedented age discrimination. Battle tested and experienced workers can add value to any management team, especially in a start-up.

Here at Flobel, we are trying to create a new intergenerational eco-system and network to help senior entrepreneurs ( and industry experts connect with each other and others who might not be adept at current digital marketing strategies ( .

There is power in a network.  Look at the Labor Unions in the 20thCentury. They helped reduce unsafe working conditions, raise the minimum wage, end child labor, end monopoly power and cronyism by hiring authorities and even the playing field in collective bargaining.

Our network of advisors was created with that in mind – helping to foster all of the different types of giving and receiving, sharing, and learning, that would lead to creating more value in the lives of each and every one of you.

Our network of advisors was created with that very aim in mind.  Our latest newsletter is now available; a compendium of notices and shares from our advisors.

Please sign up for our free Senior Business Directory

Also, we recently launched a new concept, Rent a Silver Fox ( , to help industry experts find consulting jobs in the new Gig Economy.

If you’d like to join either, please email me to dan@flobel.organd we will help get you started.

We are also updating our database, so please send us any updated bios or headshots so we can keep our network current.

Please SAVE THE DATE of 10/7/19 for our next First Mondays/NYC. 6-9 PM at GossipBar . Japanese crafts, Beer tastings and networking. Celebrate OctoberFest with us. Bring friends.

Check our Newsletter Archive – events, notices, shares of all types – from our advisors.  And if you have anything you´d like to share for the next newsletter, please send it on over.

Have a safe and happy Labor. Day weekend!!

Keep swinging and stay foxy,

Dan Schneider

Dan Schneider

Executive Director,

The Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation

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