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Dear friends and advisors!

I’m excited to announce the launch of our new website at With it comes enhanced listings for our advisors, which allows you to better connect with potential clients or resources. Also, we have new sections for job postingsevents, and real estate listings, as well as a whole new section of webinars.

We are still looking to populate our new Senior Business Directory with listings of businesses from all generations which can help senior entrepreneurs. Please go here to join and list your business free

If you have anything to add to our next newsletter, feel free to send it on over.

To kick off this latest newsletter, I’d like to share this inspirational TEDx talk from advisor Cory Kahaney, in which Cory shows how humor is a tool anyone can use to conquer fear, endure trauma, and manage chaos.


Finally , we’d like to reprint a recent article by advisor Diane Gottlieb to help people heal from the recent tragedies in El Paso and Dayton. We hope our elected officials can pass legislation to protect citizens from gun violence so that our children do not have to go “back to school” wearing bullet proof backpacks.

Have a safe and happy rest of the Sumner of 2019. Make memories .

Keep swinging and stay foxy,


Dan Schneider

Executive Director,

The Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation

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