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While schools are still closed, new digital solutions are keeping the SCIENCE programs rolling and students engaged. Join the “Day of the Eco Hero” webinar on May the 5th and enter the #EcoHeroChallenge. Submissions are welcome until August 31st.
During the “Day of the Eco Hero” webinar, teachers and students will learn about the “Eco Hero Lab” project, obtain hands-on science (STEM) from international top experts covering the four ecosystems air/atmosphere, forest, water/oceans and soil, and see some short films. These films were made by kids who already took the “EcoHeroChallenge” and others showcase sustainable projects done by kids from the Bronx, Harlem and Manhattan.
The webinar will start at 10:00am EST and will last an hour and a half.
New schools are invited to take the challenge and register for our 2020 competition out of which several kids will be selected to become “Eco Hero” reporters and join the international group of certified “Eco Heroes”. The competition will be further explained during the webinar.
For the community of teachers, educators and students who can say “yes’ to the three questions below, mark your calendar for May the 5th and sign up for an exciting program produced by environmental economist and sustainability strategist Pamela Peeters.
  • Do you want to be a part of a global media and education project benefiting Earth?
  • Do you want to invest in the future leaders of our planet?
  • Do you want to become the next generation of Eco Heroes?
More on the “Eco Hero Lab”
The “Eco Hero Lab” is both a school program and an online portal that inspires youth to become planet protectors. Kids are offered the science about our planet’s ecosystems through videos and are invited to bring science to life at their own school or after school activities through the five “EcoHero Challenges”. These five challenges are: Go meatless; Reduce your waste; Explore Wilderness; Turn off the Lights and Enhance your Well-being.
For the fourth edition of the “Day of the Eco Hero,”  sign up through the website The program is as follows:
Part I : 10:30am EST
1. Introduction to the “Eco Hero Lab” and the “Become an Eco Hero” course by environmental economist and sustainability strategist Pamela Peeters, Institute for a Sustainable Planet.
2. Some film contributions from the past webinar on World Science Day (November 10, 2019) made by youth.
Part II 
Experts for the following four ecosystems of our planet: air/atmosphere, forest, water/oceans and soil.
Nilda Mesa – former Director of the Office of Sustainability under Mayor de Blasio. Current visiting lecturer and scholar at SciencesPo in Paris
4. FOREST  – Brazil
Dr. Eugenio Scannavino works out of the Amazon rainforest reaching 30,000 people.
short film
Gaelin Rosenwaks: explorer, marine scientist, photographer
short film
6. SOIL – Belgium
BioEngineer Davy Ottevaere, Technical Manager, Terracottem
Part III 
7. BREAKING NEWS contribution from Dr. Martin Nweeia (Harvard, Case Western), the leading Narwhal Tusk expert in the world.
8. Invitation for schools to the “Eco Hero” Challenge, homework and closing remarks
END : 11:30am EST
Sign up through the website
1) The registration fee for schools and students is waived. Only when they enter the “Eco Hero Challenge” competition will a registration fee of $45 apply.
2) We will select the best 6 reporters who will be announced during the 2020 “Climate Week NYC” which will run from September 21st – 27th, 2020. These 6 laureates will receive a media training and will become an “Eco Hero Lab” reporter for the duration of a school year.
3) Media training will be given by environmental economist and sustainability strategist Pamela Peeters, who developed, produced and hosted the of the “OUR PLANET” TV show (the first television show that would mainstream sustainable lifestyles and that aired on Manhattan cable between 2001 and 2008).
4) You will receive your link to the webinar once you registered on May the 4th. Email the organizer at with your questions
Bio’s of experts below, press pictures on demand.
More on Pamela Peeters
Pamela is the Founder/Executive Director of the Institute for a Sustainable Planet and award-winning environmental economist and sustainability strategist who consults with companies globally and develops educational programs for youth with her “Eco Hero” program, now established in ten countries. An author, filmmaker and educator, she was on the marketing team of the U.S. Partnerships for the UNESCO decade for Sustainable Education and received an honorary fellowship from the Vrije Universiteit Brussels in 2015 for her contributions to the field of Sustainable Development. She is also a Research Fellow in Economics from Columbia University and a Fellow of the Explorers Club. She launched the “Day of the Eco Hero” at the Belgian Senat in 2017 with the aim of celebrating leaders in the field of planetary restoration and preservation.
More on Nilda Mesa
Nilda Mesa is the Director of the Urban Sustainability and Equity Planning Program with Columbia University’s Center for Sustainable Urban Development (CSUD) in the Earth Institute. She is also a visiting professor at the Paris School of International Affairs at SciencesPo. She has a long career in environment, energy and sustainability at the city, state, national and global levels, and now writes and presents extensively on the subjects of sustainable development and the UN SDGs, climate, energy, equity, resiliency and urban systems relating to them. Nilda is the former Director of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and author of numerous publications and frequent lecturer on sustainability, climate, and the environment in urban areas.
More on Eugenio Scannavino Neto
Eugenio Scannavino Neto graduated from medical school in Rio de Janeiro. In 1984, he was assigned to an area in the Amazon. Eugenio created Saude e Alegria (SA), which means “Health and Happiness”, to reach isolated communities living along the Amazon River. Today, the organization currently works with 150 forest communities, reaching 30.000 people, covering a 1,500 hectares area by the Tapajós river, in the state of Pará. The Scannavino brothers (Eugenio and Caetano) helped establish the GTA (Amazon Working Group), which brings together 650 organizations of the traditional peoples of the Amazon region.
More on Gaelin Rosenwaks
Gaelin Rosenwaks is a marine scientist, explorer, photographer and filmmaker. Gaelin founded Global Ocean Exploration Inc (GOE) to share her passion for ocean exploration, marine conservation and photography. She is a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain, and a Fellow of both the Royal Geographical Society, the Explorers Club and a member of the Society of Women Geographers. She has appeared as an expert on TV programs including on The Discovery Channel, Science Channel, CBS News, and Business Insider, and as a presenter and angler on the National Geographic Channel Series, Fish Warrior. On her most recent expedition, Gaelin was the expedition biologist for an expedition using submarines to explore the bottom of the Blue Hole with Sir Richard Branson and Fabien Cousteau.
More on Martin Nweeia
Dr. Martin Nweeia is lecturer at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, assistant professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine and research associate in the Marine Mammal Program at the Smithsonian Institution and in the Department of Mammals at the Canadian Museum Of Nature.He is a renowned expert in the narwhal tusk and served as co-curator of the Smithsonian exhibit Narwhal: Revealing An Arctic Legend. He has received fellowships in anthropology and vertebrate zoology from the Smithsonian Institution, and is an Explorer with the National Geographic Society. Dr Nweeia Is a fellow of the Explorers Club, World Center for Exploration and The Canadian Royal Geographic Society. Martin received the Lowell Thomas Award in arctic research from the Explorers Club. He received Pamela’s Sustainable Steward Award in 2016
More on Davy Ottevaere
Davy Ottevaere graduated from Ghent University in 2000 as a bio-engineer with a field of expertise in soil and water management. He works for the soil conditioning company TerraCottem BV as their technical manager. Davy is responsible for their R&D department, technical support and project management. He is also the co-author of the “GANDA criteria” soil physical and mechanical guidelines for construction of sports turf in Belgium.

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